Adaptec Series 7 - Maximum Performance, Suitability and Functionality!

 Adaptec by PMC sets new standards with its brand new compact PCIe Gen3 high port RAID adapters. The Adaptec Series 7 range is kitted out with 24-port RAID-on-Chip (ROC) from PMC, giving way to a new generation of high-performance RAID adapters, as yet not offered by any other market provider. Series 7's products provide solutions with 8 to 24 native ports that make expander-based architecture a thing of the past. One of the products is a world first - an adapter featuring 16 ports with low-profile MD2 form factor for high density server environments.

MaxCache 3.0 with read caching and fully redundant write caching accelerates software performance and lowers total costs (TCO)

Adaptec maxCache 3.0 provides improved read-caching via its additionally optimized Learned-Path algorithm. Furthermore it has been developed to support fully redundant write-caching. Yet another bonus is the Optimized Disk Utilization (ODU) allows partitioning of SSD drives in a cache pool and logical drive for faster access with low latency.



Forward-thinking technology and innovation - Adaptec by PMC sets new standards in times of change to data storage architecture.







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