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The StorTrends® 3200n NAS appliance is an ideal alternative to traditional Direct Attached Storage (DAS) environments. StorTrends NAS appliances make it simple to centralize file data storage from Windows®, UNIX, Linux and Mac® clients across an existing Ethernet network. The StorTrends 3200n offers maximum data protection with RAID 5 and network connectivity to major operating systems, perfect for workgroups or departmental storage experiencing rapid data growth.

Administrators can save time and money by deploying StorTrends 3200n NAS appliances instead of inflexible DAS units. Adding capacity in a DAS environment means adding a server, which requires downtime. Adding capacity with a StorTrends 3200n means no downtime for users, and can be implemented for both quick, additional and long-term storage, as well as improved disk utilization when compared to DAS.

The StorTrends 3200n offers sixteen hot-swappable drive bays with SAS and SATA support, and network teaming support that ensures load balancing across the dual Ethernet ports. UPS support enables the automatic switching of the RAID cache mode to write-through in the event of a power loss.

Data security is enhanced by the advanced snapshot capabilities of the StorTrends 3200n. The administrator has the power to rollback, review, and mount data snapshots to recover lost data quickly and with precision, just moments after a catastrophe.

Management of StorTrends appliances can be done using the integrated web-based GUI, or with ManageTrends®, AMI's storage management software. Users managing more than one StorTrends appliance can use ManageTrends to discover and manage appliances across the network. Manage Trends also provides event management, a detailed analysis of enterprise-wide storage usage, and storage server availability reporting.

* 4, 8 or 16 TB NAS storage appliance
* Transfer Windows®, UNIX, Linux and Macintosh® file data over the existing Ethernet infrastructure
* 16 hot-swappable SAS / SATA Drives
* Cost-effective and scalable
* Network Teaming
* Universal UPS Support
* Failover / Failback
* Advanced Snapshot
o Redirect on Write (ROW)
o Up to 1,024 Snapshots (R/O and R/W) per volume
o Up to 2,048 Snapshots per box
o Rollback from any snapshot
o Random snapshot deletion
* Snapshot-assisted Volume Replication
* Hardware RAID support:
o RAID levels 0, 1, 10, 10+N, 5, 50
o Online capacity expansion
o Online RAID level migration
o Multiple RAID array types per drive
o Distributed sparing
o Read with write-back caching
o Global dedicated and distributed hot-spare
o Supports major file transfer protocols
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