Announcing Changes to Quantum Service Plans

Announcing Changes to Quantum Service Plans:
Introducing Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) Policies and Installation Service Options


After an in depth competitive analysis of our tiered hardware support plans, Quantum discovered serviceability areas that had an opportunity to be simplified and service level objectives that could be clarified to ensure customer expectations are met and a high level of overall customer experience achieved.
The most significant change you will see outlined in this Marketing Announcement is the inclusion of customer replaceable components throughout the hardware portfolio. Quantum’s service model has been one of providing an onsite response to customer calls for all Service Requests that could not be resolved on the phone. To date, Quantum Field Service personnel and Third-Party Maintenance Providers are dispatched to replace all failed components at a customer site. Technology advances have led to improvements in the support process making it easier to identify and replace failed components. Many companies that deliver technology solutions similar to Quantum have worked with their customers to take advantage of these advancements and have moved toward a
support model that allows the customer to remove and replace certain components that have failed. Customers have responded favorably to this approach as it can speed time to resolution and eliminate scheduling around a third-party technician.


Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) Service Model
Key Messages around Customer Replaceable Units
Customer Advantages:
 Be able to quickly replace failed components on a system in production as soon as the component arrives  
 Greater control of the repair process by not having to schedule maintenance windows around a service technician
 Overall time to repair is reduced
 The ability to implement similar policies and procedures across all vendors.
Vendor Advantages:
 More rapid resolution to many field equipment failures
 Lower cost of service
 Enhanced customer experience
Which Systems are Affected?
At the current time, the Customer Replaceable Unit policy will apply to the following systems:
DXi 6700-series (DXi 6700, 6701, 6702)
DXi 8500
SuperLoader 3
 Scalar i40
 Scalar i80
 Scalar i500
 Scalar i2000/i6000
 Scalar LTFS Appliance
 Scalar Key Manager High-Availability Appliance Pair
StorNext AEL 500
StorNext AEL 500 Mini
StorNext AEL6000
StorNext QD6000 Storage
StorNext QM1200 Storage
StorNext QS1200 Storage
StorNext QS2400 Storage
StorNext QX-1200 Storage
StorNext QX-2400 Storage
Products not listed above will continue to be handled with traditional on-site service for all components within the system.
What is a Customer Replaceable Unit?
Customer Replaceable Units have been identified by product within the Quantum portfolio and can be found
via the Customer Self Service Portal:  
Or directly on the Documentation tab for each product.  
Note that Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) will still  exist on most Quantum products and will be installed by a Quantum Field Engineer or Third-Party Maintenance Provider.

The Bronze and Next Business Day Gold service offerings are now adapted to the support model in which customers will replace CRUs unless an uplift for CRU installation is purchasedThe Gold service offering will remain unchanged and still provide onsite replacement of both CRUs and FRUs. However, customers with Gold-level support must order no-charge Gold-level CRU installation options in order to trigger Quantum to provide the onsite replacement. If customers with Gold-level support do not order the nocharge CRU installation
options, it will be assumed that they are opting to do the CRU replacement themselves.

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