Announcing Quantum RDX USB 3.0 Internal Dock Availability


Quantum is announcing worldwide availability of a new Quantum RDX USB 3.0 Internal Dock. The Quantum RDX system is a fast, simple, reliable, and affordable disk-based data protection solution.

Key Messages

The most important things to know about this new product are:

-   Quantum RDX USB 3.0 Internal Docks are available to order on 13MAY13 and will begin shipping on that date.

-   Like the other Quantum RDX internal docks, these are purchased separately or in addition to a Quantum RDX cartridge. .

-   Quantum RDX is a disk-based backup and archive system that includes a dock, removable cartridges (onsite/offsite) and Quantum GoProtect™ backup software.

-   Rugged hard disk Quantum RDX cartridges are available with capacities of 320GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 1.5TB with docks available in USB 3.0 Tabletop, or Internal SATA and now the USB 3.0 version. All cartridge capacities work in all RDX docks, including those from other manufacturers.

-   Each Quantum RDX dock or kit includes Quantum GoProtect backup software for Windows that utilizes data deduplication technology to provide an extremely cost-effective solution by reducing the number of cartridges

Model Number


Shipping Dimensions WxHxD, in (cm)

Shipping Weight, lbs (kg)



Quantum RDX Dock, Internal, USB 3.0, 5.25" Black

Includes one 1.8ft (0.55m) internal USB cable, Resource CD with GoProtect backup software. Requires separate purchase of at least one Quantum RDX cartridge of any capacity in order to function.






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