ATTO - FastFrame 40GbE NICs for your 4k and 8k Video Workflows

Have you tested your ATTO 40GbE FastFrame in a Video Environment?

The industry-leading latency and throughput provided by ATTO’s FastFrame 40GbE NIC makes it suitable for uncompressed 4k and 8k applications. A single stream of 16-bit 8K EXR video at 24fps requires 28.2Gb/s of bandwidth. While that need can be met by multiple ports on a 10GbE NIC, using a single port on a FastFrame 40GbE NIC provides a more cost-effective and power-efficient solution. It’s also important to note that FastFrame achieves near-line rates on 40GbE, while most competing NICs on the market perform at less than 30Gb/s.

40GbE Network Interface Cards (NICs) Provide:

High performance I/O connectivity and lossless Ethernet support
Support multiple uncompressed 4k streams of video and uncompressed 8k video
Industry-leading low power consumption, latency (0.6us via RoCE) and CPU utilization
Direct Attach Copper and Optical Options

ATTO Support Windows and Linux - Mac to release April 2016 - please advise if you are interested in our BETA program for the Mac Driver.

Author: Ronver Systems

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