ATTO: FibreBridge 7500 Storage Controller

AttoATTO Technology, Inc. introduced its FibreBridge 7500 Storage Controller at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco.

The controller is an accelerated, high performance storage platform that adds enterprise FC SAN connectivity to low-cost SAS JBOD storage. The fast acceleration architecture has dedicated memory modules and data paths so commands won't have to compete for shared system resources allowing more data transfers at faster transfer rates. The 7500 creates a modular solution that forms a platform for building out a virtualized, software defined data center.

  • Less than 4 microseconds of latency transfers between storage and server platforms.

  • Allows data mobility and redundancy via multisite cluster installations up to 100 kilometers apart.

  • Enables IT architects to assemble tiered high-speed SSD and high-capacity HDD solutions that aggregate up to 1.4PB of storage.

Supporting 'build your own' or the storage arrays, the raw performance enables virtualization of SSD and HDD to create high performance, low latency storage solutions.

It leverages the technology introduced by the FibreBridge 6500 which storage companies have installed in thousands of data centers worldwide. Both products feature the company's drive map director technology which reduces operating expenses by eliminating manual mapping of LUNs and the need to remap LUNs if a drive shelf is removed for maintenance or failure. The 6500 features ATTO's virtual device response technology which enables devices to queue and execute commands on behalf of busy or unresponsive tape storage, reducing the number of failed or incomplete backups.

Completing the virtualized infrastructure, are ATTO's Celerity Gen 5 powered 16Gb and 8Gb FC HBAs, ExpressSAS 12Gb and 6Gb HBAs and FastFrame 10GbE Network and Storage Interface Cards (NICs).

ATTO's Gen 5 powered, Celerity 16Gb line of FC HBAs provide end-to-end solution for managing data center performance across virtualized SAN environments while extending the value of fabric virtualization. The company's Celerity line unleashes the potential of high-density server virtualization, cloud architectures, and next-generation storage, such as SSD-based systems. This highly integrated family of adapters is engineered to optimize data transfer using a combination of exclusive features. N-Port ID Virtualization, a feature of ATTO's HBA technology, enables each FC HBA to define multiple 'virtual ports', which can be assigned to each VM, enabling administrators to manage storage in much the same way they manage storage attached to physical machines. The proprietary MultiPath Director technology provides uninterrupted access to storage with automatic path failover and failback, and is the only solution that allows workstations, not just servers, direct connection to HA, high-performance enterprise storage for shared workflows.

The latest addition to the ExpressSAS family, the 12Gb SAS/SATA HBA, provides users with storage connectivity while enabling scalability for next generation platforms and infrastructures. Optimized for low latency and high-bandwidth data transfer, ATTO's variety of port configurations and RAID levels offer flexibility and reliability for the most demanding applications

The family of FastFrame NICs deliver high performance I/O connectivity and lossless Ethernet support where guaranteed data delivery rates are required. As a pioneer in iSCSI, ATTO's FastFrame product line has been designed for more rigorous data transfer and reliability standards required for storage interconnect, with driver support for Linux, Mac, Windows and vSphere. Available in single, dual and quad-port configurations, the 10GbE NICs can be used anywhere in your infrastructure, including workstations, storage, servers and data center racked servers. Leveraging ATTO's advanced data streaming technology, FastFrame products provide high bandwidth and managed latency for high-performance, enterprise iSCSI storage as well as standard 10GbE network infrastructures.

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