ATTO - FibreBridge Storage Controller - Build Storage Solutions for Performance Demanding Apps

This piece of collateral was co-developed with HGST and ATTO to show how the ATTO 7500 Storage Controller can be used to build solutions for performance demanding applications. This fits along with the build your own shared SSD initiative. It explains the benefits of using an external storage controller and some details in the sidebar about Software Defined Storage features.

There is also a section showing a solution using HGST drives, AIC JBODs and the ATTO 7500 along with Dell Servers which we showcased at SC 14 (Supercomputing 2014).

FYI: You may see All Flash Arrays or Hybrid Arrays being used for similar applications... the ATTO 7500 along with SSDs is a cost effective method to build your own All Flash Array... The ATTO 7500 along with tiers of SSD and HDD storage has competitive pricing to Hybrid Arrays.

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