ATTO - New ATTO SAS RAID firmware code

New RAID firmware code is available for immediate download on the ATTO web site.

Details that we want to call to your attention, especially ...

  • We’ve added a new single member JBOD operational mode that allows users to create up to 240 individual RAID groups attached to a single adapter. These configurations are often used to improve performance in Microsoft Exchange e-mail servers, as well as data center and cloud database applications. This feature appeals greatly to these new markets where ATTO is working hard to expand our presence.
  • With this release, several improvements have been made to Adaptive Path Optimization - ATTO’s storage SAS/SATA multi-pathing solution. We now provide even better stability during path failure and path reconfiguration events. With Adaptive Path Optimization, customers get up to 70% more performance as well as redundant paths to storage ... all for the cost of a cable.
  • ExpressSAS RAID adapters continue to offer a full suite of tools that allow customers to tune I/O for peak application performance. In this release, we focused on optimizing performance in configurations with large RAID group interleave settings, especially 512KB, or larger. Customers tuning with large interleave should see a performance boost with this release.
  • This release includes general improvements to stability and performance, providing the user a better overall experience. We've included over a dozen different changes to improve write command handling to boost performance, how we manage faulted drives so that they don't impact system latency, as well as accelerating the drive discovery process ... and many, many more improvements. The PRNs provide additional details.

We highly recommend that all of our customers update their ExpressSAS RAID adapters to this latest code release. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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