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ATTO has teamed up with Nexenta to create a MetroHA Cluster solution which will give your IT clients a reliable solution to protect against a power failure, disaster or data interruption.

Solution Focus: MetroHA Stretch Cluster

A Multi-Data Center Solution

A Stretch Cluster is a cluster configured with host systems located at multiple sites. These may be on different floors of a data center, different buildings on a campus or at multiple metropolitan sites located hundreds of kilometers apart. The high availability and data mobility that stretch clusters provide make them one of the most reliable and flexible solutions that IT administrators can implement to shuttle data between multiple sites.


  • Creates stretch cluster solution between data centers located on different floors, buildings or cities located up to 50 kilometers apart
  • Enables high availability, data mobility and load balancing on-site or between two sites
  • Provides comprehensive disaster avoidance, downtime avoidance and disaster recovery solution ensuring predictable data availability with zero downtime
  • Allows data center managers to protect business critical applications and eliminate risk of data loss

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Next Generation Storage Connectivity for High-Performance Applications

  • Offloads functions from servers and helps reduce CPU utilization
  • Adds manageability, analytic capabilities, and troubleshooting features
  • Provides ability to create your own private cloud and architect a system based on your data center needs by adding Enterprise Fibre Channel to SAS JBODs with capacity up to 1.4PB (w 6 TB drives)
  • Proprietary storage can lead to incompatibility and more expenses down the road. Using Software Defined Storage makes migration and hardware refreshes easy.
  • Allows you to build your own lower-cost storage using SAS JBOD enclosures. Pay as you grow by adding JBOD enclosures as more capacity is required, which results in fewer switch ports, SFPs, cables, and controllers and reduces solution cost.

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  • Added 214 certifications in Q2 2015
  • HGST Ultrastar SSD1600MM 12Gb/s SAS SSDs are now certified with the ATTO FibreBridge 7500
  • ATTO FibreBridge 7500 Storage Controller is also certified with Windows 10, 8 and Server 2012
  • NetApp Disk Shelves DS2246 and DS4243 have been tested and certified with the ATTO FibreBridge 7500 Storage Controller

For more information, please visit ATTO's Interoperability and Certification page.

Nexenta Delivers Unparalleled Multi-Data Center Reliability, Scalability and Performance for Large and Distributed Cloud Deployments Based on Software-Defined Storage

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and AMHERST, N.Y. - July 21, 2015 - Nexenta (@Nexenta), the global leader of Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS) solutions and ATTO Technology jointly introduced NexentaStor MetroHA. Nexenta's award-winning software now supports MetroHA configurations to deliver unparalleled availability, scalability and performance across multiple data centers.

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Learn how ATTO's vConfig Tool and Latency Scout can centralize management, monitoring and optimization of ATTO Celerity and ExpressSAS host bus adapters within a VMware vCenter environment.

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