ATTO releases three new 12Gb HBAs - ExpressSAS H1244, H1248 and H1288

ATTO just released three new 12Gb HBAs - ExpressSAS H1244, H1248 and H1288.
Each of these provides both internal and external ports for connecting up to 2048 devices, all while consuming only a single PCIe slot. Perfect for high-performance computing environments, these low-profile adapters offer more flexibility for connecting storage - JBOD, RAID storage, tape, SSD and HDD - all on the same adapter. No other company provides as many 12Gb HBA connectivity options as ATTO. Some resources for you to check out to learn more are:

  • Information about the new products is available on the web site product pages.
  • We've created a technical brief that reviews unique features and benefits of the ATTO solution. This is attached below.
  • The ATTO Resource Guide already includes information about these new products
  • Also remember to talk about these key value points with your customers:
    • ATTO 12Gb HBAs use up to 40% less power than competitive HBAs. This is a key factor in generating real savings in the data center.
    • We are the only company to offer Power Center Pro RAID, providing easy-to-configure, easy-to-manage RAID 0, 1, 1e and 10 groups.
    • We offer more 12Gb connectivity options - 7 different adapters - than any other competitor. We are able to solve data center infrastructure problems that our competitors can not.
    • Full PCIe 3.0 support for data transfers up to 8,000 MB/sec
    • Our adapters are optimized for extremely low latency.
    • All of these products are in full production and ready for shipment today.
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