ATTO - very useful set of Product Discussion Points

As you enjoy your summer months, we did want to send you a bit of ATTO product details that we hope you find interesting and useful.

·ATTO 40GbE NICs, available in September, feature RDMA/RoCE support, and can operate at 37Gbps. NICs not using RDMA can only operate at 21Gbps.
·ATTO will have single and dual channel 40GbE NICs that ship both with and without QSFPs.
·ATTO’s 40GbE NIC adapters provide the highest ROI and lowest amount of money spent to transfer data due to its industry-leading low power draw and full utilization of 40GbE bandwidth.

·Media errors are defects on a hard disk drive surface that prevent data from being reliably stored. These errors occur over the course of a disk drive’s life. For best performance and to maintain a high level of data integrity, it is important to ensure that media errors are promptly discovered and corrected.
·All ATTO ExpressSAS RAID adapters ship with Media Scan, which reads drive data and, if a media error is found, will mark the sector as bad. It will then rewrite the data, using existing parity information, on an alternate part of the drive.
·A higher level of protecting is also available. Media Scan with Parity Verify performs parity verification on each RAID group stripe that has no detected media errors. The parity of the stripe is recalculated and compared to the original parity. If there is a mismatch, the error is recorded in the event and system log files.

·Multipath Director’s automatic failover/failback feature and functionality help Solution Architects meet their disaster recovery initiatives requirements.
·Failover is the process of transmitting I/O in a non-disruptive manner from its primary path to the secondary path, while failback seamlessly transitions back to the primary path once restored.
·Failover/failback capabilities are important for datacenter environments requiring continuous availability and a high degree of reliability.

·Stretch Clusters are used to provide business continuance in several vertical markets including Medical, Education, and Financial.
·A primary reason to use a Stretch Cluster is for Downtime Avoidance, which provides availability during planned and unplanned downtime. ·ATTO Storage Controllers are used with NetApp and Nexenta Stretch Cluster Solutions.

·ATTO Desklink Devices provide enterprise class storage solutions for Thunderbolt 2 enabled platforms.
·This allows increased productivity and decreased cost by incorporating better workflow processes - quality deliverables on schedule, on budget.
·Connectivity solutions include: content creation, 4K workflows, backup, archiving, gaming, education, distribution, and imaging.

Author: Joel de Graaf

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