ATTO's 8Gb and 16Gb Adapters with Dothill Storage

ATTO offers his Multipathing for Windows and Mac installs




Dot Hill Systems has added support for the OS X operating system from Apple, Inc. with the AssuredSAN
3000 Series Storage System products.  This means that customers of Apple products, such as the Xserve
server and the Mac Pro workstation can now benefit from the features, performance and reliability 
provided by Dot Hill AssuredSAN storage arrays. 
This whitepaper will outline the connectivity options available to customers, as well as best practice 
guidelines to assist customers in optimizing the performance and reliability of their investment. 
In addition, special consideration will be given to a popular configuration in Video Post Production 
Editing environments.  This paper will outline the components, configuration, and best practices needed to establish an editing studio that is fast, reliable and cost effective.

Connectivity Guide 

This guide addresses the Fibre Channel connectivity between the Dot Hill Systems AssuredSAN 3000 
Series Storage Arrays, and Apple workstations, servers and software.  Specifically, the following products 
are covered: 
1) The Dot Hill Systems AssuredSAN 3000 Series RAID Array 
a. DH 3930    Fibre Channel & iSCSI host interface, 3.5” disk drives 
b. DH 3920    Fibre Channel & iSCSI host interface , 2.5” disk drives 
c. DH 3730    Fibre Channel host interface, 3.5” disk drives 
d. DH 3720    Fibre Channel host interface, 2.5” disk drives 
2) Apple Computers and Software 
a. Mac Pro Workstation 4.1 
b. Xserve “Xeon” Server 
c. Mac OS X Snow Leopard Operating System (version 10.6) 
d. Apple Xsan File system (version 2.2)
3) The ATTO Celerity FC‐8xEN Fibre Channel HBA
a. ATTO Celerity FC‐81EN  Single port 
b. ATTO Celerity FC‐82EN  Dual port 
c. ATTO Celerity FC‐84EN  Quad port
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