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About BRU Producer's Edition

Protect Your Creative Assets

BRU PE Advanced ViewThe creation of film, television, and music are complex art forms. Capturing each frame and note is critical because they may not be easily nor voluntarily reproducible. And once a session is appropriately captured and catalogued, it is critical that it can be reproduced and reliably accessed for production into a commercial title.

The functionality of BRU Producer's Edition (PE) was defined with input from industry pros to assure pertinence to the film, TV and recording industries. Content producers, such as film and music recording engineers, users and graphic designers, regardless of their computer technical knowledge, can use Producer's Edition effectively and with confidence.

BRU Producer's Edition™ from TOLIS Group creates easy, drag-and-drop creative artist session archives.

Film, broadcast, music industry engineers and users now have a reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use solution to protect key creative digital assets regardless of their level of computer technical knowledge. BRU PE also delivers a clear and easy-to-follow workflow for photographers and  graphic designers as well.


  • Ease of Use and reliability that engineers and operators alike will appreciate
  • Are you looking to create two identical copies of the same data?  BRU PE's Doubler Mode™ was built just for that purpose.  Using either 2 standalone drives or a two drive library such as the TOLIS Group TGL2240, you select Doubler Mode on the QuickArchive panel, load 2 new tapes, and click "Start Archive".  BRU PE will execute two archival operations simultaneously providing you with onsite and offsite sets, or an internal and client deliverable copy in one easy process.
  • LTFS Management Console has been improved and streamlined.  Format, Mount, Import, Check Integrity, and Rollback LTFS tapes easily - no arcane Unix commands to remember.
  • Create tape set collections designed for delivery to other departments, clients, or vaulting services.  The BRUsetta Stone™ CD/DVD makes it easy to provide everything that the recipient needs to recover the tapes provided - including a copy of the BRU PE software, the catalog information for the tapes, and any other digital data that you need to provide (invoices, special contact instructions, scripts, the "wrap book" in digital format, etc.).
  • Easy and intuitive Drag-and-Drop functionality for drives, folders, files, and session files from various major applications
  • Split Session™ Archive mode - allows better utilization of media by easily combining multiple data sets onto a single tape set while keeping them as separate entities for easier management and recovery with a single operation
  • Read and write I/O performance of over 500MB/sec with standard 6Gb SAS arrays - this means that driving 2 LTO-5 drives at full 140MB/sec per drive performance won't overtax your systems.
  • Generate PDF or printed versions of your tape set catalog information for your project's wrap book.  Easily select an archive or a tape set and create a full listing of the data included with your own custom cover image.
  • Completely tested with all versions of OS X from 10.5.8 through Mountain Lion.
  • Doesn't require a new system to perform archive operations - with Thunderbolt support, you can even use your Mac Book Air!
  • Compatible with all tape drive types - LTO, DAT, DLT and others using SAS, Fibre Channel, pSCSI, USB, and Thunderbolt (with bridge).
  • BRU Media fully cross platform compatible - Linux, Windows, Solaris, and many other systems can restore data written with BRU PE on a Mac OS X system.
  • Ability to provide free-form job metadata as defined by the operator - saved as standard XML for easy external parsing

BRU PE QuickArchive ViewBRU Producer's Edition is multi-processor and multi-core aware and compatible, and while already exceptionally low in overhead, takes advantage of these processing technologies to even further enhance the backup and restore throughput performance that you'll realize.

Out-of-the-box, BRU Producer's Edition supports all tape technology and no special drivers are required — BRU PE will support the tape technology you are currently using or are moving toward. Additionally, the multithreaded design used in Producer's Edition unleashes the performance of the latest high-performance tape drives.

Automatic Session File Parsing

Film editors and recording engineers and producers can simply drag-and-drop session files, volumes, or folders into the BRU PE environment for easy creation of the archives. Applications currently supported by this functionality include: Sonic Studio™, Logic®, Final Cut Pro® 7.0 – 10.0, Soundtrack Pro®, default ProTools® 7.4 through 10 and select others.

System Requirements

  • Apple Mac system running OS X 10.5.8 or newer
  • 50MB available disk space on the system drive
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