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TeraLoader sets new standards for capacity, cost and value in compact rack mountable autoloaders. Based on our proven RLS design, TeraLoader delivers a complete hardware solution to protect your data.

TeraLoader lets you chose the tape technology that best fits your requirements:

2.4 TB to 6.2 TB* with AIT-3 or AIT-4
3.2 TB to 6.4 TB* with LTO 2 or LTO 3
8 TB to 20.8 TB* with SAIT
AIT and SAIT include WORM (Write Once, Read Many) Tape support for archival and regulatory compliance storage.

Q-Link, Qualstar’s remote library manager is built into each TeraLoader. Q-Link enables administrators monitor and control the TeraLoader from across the campus via an intranet, or from across the country through the Internet. A simple IP connection handles the communication with Q-Link’s built-in web server, eliminating the need for any software installation. Q-Link will even send policy-based e-mail notices to confirm operations or give event alerts.

TeraLoader tapes are mounted in compact, removable magazines equipped with clear dust covers for easy handling and offsite storage for disaster protection. Each unit is shipped with rack mount slides. A barcode reader is built in.

Simply Reliable by design, TeraLoader’s RLS heritage is reflected in its industry-leading reliability specification: over 2,000,000 MEBF (mean exchanges between failures) and its Three Year Advance Replacement Warranty.

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