Brocade and Emulex Collaborate on 32Gb FC Solutions

Emulex Corporation and Brocade Communication Systems, Inc. announced a commitment to jointly develop and align the two companies' road-maps around a new generation of advanced Gen 6 (32Gb) FC networking solutions, enabling increased network performance, higher scalability and improved reliability for the highly virtualized data center.

Emulex and Brocade have a long history of driving industry innovation, including recently announced support for Brocade ClearLink diagnostics, which ensures the reliability and management of storage network configurations, and Emulex Gen 5 Flash Services, including ExpressLane, which provides QoS capabilities for flash/SSD-based storage and Emulex CrossLink which provides in-band message passing between server nodes, delivering optimized performance using lossless, standards-based FC protocols.

Emulex and Brocade are jointly developing technology to deliver:

-   Network Performance with Gen 6 (32Gb) FC: They will partner to develop end-to-end 32GFC-based solutions that will improve performance and scalability to support the demands of virtualized data centers and flash/SSD-based applications.

-  Extending FC's Industry Reliability: They are delivering ClearLink, an advanced diagnostic solution, that performs in-band tests on both Brocade Gen 5 FC switches and Emulex Gen 5 FC HBAs, which can detect problems with the physical cabling and optics that could result in increased error rates and intermittent problems.

-   Enabling Flash and SSD Solutions: They will partner to create solutions that highlight Emulex's ExpressLane and CrossLink technology which is designed to enhance the QoS, optimize I/O performance and increase ROI in IT environments using fabric-based flash arrays and server-based cache.

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