BRU Producer’s Edition 3.1 Release

TOLIS Group Announces BRU Producer’s Edition 3.1 Release

TOLIS Group has released BRU Producer’s Edition (BRU PE) version 3.1 to much fanfare in the media and entertainment community.

While maintaining BRU’s amazing performance capabilities of supporting data streams in excess of 3GB/sec on a legacy Mac Pro or the Thunderbolt 2 limit of 1.6GB/sec on a new Mac Pro, Mac Mini or iMac system, BRU PE 3.1 adds new features requested by many of our existing customers.  These features include:

  • Complete Final Cut Pro X environment and asset backup
  • Drag and drop of FCPXML project files for both simplified backup / archival and restore support
  • Drag and drop support of CMX3600 EDL files for both simplified backup / archival and restore support of complete projects
  • Studio Project Detail XML and QR Code generation feature
  • 50 slot library extension allows the use of BRU PE 3.1 with larger, midrange tape libraries with up to 50 tape slots.

The new Studio Project Detail feature allows a user to create an industry defined XML file containing the details for a project including the type and content stored in BRU format on tape and the creation of a standard QR Code label for a storage container that provides all of that information in an easily scanned QR Code image.  TOLIS Group engineers worked with multiple Hollywood and international studios and post shops to provide a project detail summary that provides all of the needed details for a project in an easy to enter and easy to scan format.

"BRU PE 3.1’s new Studio Project Detail feature allows our team to better catalog and locate tape sets for productions with QR Code labels that provide tape set content details with a simple swipe of a smartphone,” said Mike Mercado, Director of Digital Production Services at NBCUniversal in Los Angeles. “With the large number of projects that we archive using BRU which consume in the 30TB+ range, this makes archival and vaulting of completed projects, not to mention finding the media we need for later restore, much more easily manageable.”

BRU PE 3.1 supports CMX3600 EDL files created by Adobe’s Premiere Pro, Autodesk’s Smoke, Avid’s Media Composer and Symphony, Sony’s Vegas, and many other NLE suites.

“The ability to perform selective restores using a project’s EDL is a game changer and BRU PE makes this a piece of cake,” said Tom Mitchell - Technical Director at Mission Digital, Ltd.  “This now means we can actually master a film and archive it to LTO using BRU and know it won’t be a headache to get all of the elements back from tape when needed. Using LTO with BRU PE provides a robust, reliable, cost effective and long term storage and archival solution for our film work.”

The One-Click selection for backup of a system’s Final Cut Pro X environment makes it very easy to backup all of the components relating to a user’s FCP X workflow.  From the previous Projects and Events architecture of FCP X 10.0 to the new library bundles in FCP X 10.1, BRU PE 3.1 will properly select and backup all library assets as well as search out the real files that a project’s referenced files may point to, insuring that all assets related to that system’s FCP X environment are properly saved to tape or alternate disk locations.

“Being a Final Cut Pro X shop, my team are always looking for the best solution for protecting our workflow,” said Warwick Teale, Principle Creative, DP, Editor at Acroama Creative in Hong Kong. “BRU PE 3.1’s new one click backup for all FCP X environment assets and plugins means that we protect all of our 10.1 libraries as well as our Motion templates and generators and FxPlug plugins.  BRU PE also searches out the real files for libraries where we are using reference files, so we never have to worry about files being restored no matter which project style we use. And, I can say that using BRU PE over these past 5 years has saved my business more than once.”

Finally, support for FCP X’s .fcpxml project files allows an editor to easily backup or restore the media assets for a specific project as easily as dragging the project file onto the BRU PE interface and clicking a button. 

BRU PE 3.1 retains full backwards compatibility with previous versions of BRU PE as well as true cross platform compatibility with BRU solutions on other platforms including Linux, Windows, Solaris, A/IX, HP-UX, and 11 others.  BRU PE’s performance can easily drive LTO-5 and LTO-6 technologies at their top rated native speeds of 140MB/sec and 160MB/sec respectively.

BRU Producer’s Edition 3.1 is available immediately from TOLIS Group and TOLIS Group Resellers.  BRU PE 3.1 supports Intel-based Macintosh systems running OS X 10.6.5 or newer and provides support for disk to disk (D2D) and disk to tape (D2T) backup and archival supporting all major brands of tape drives including LTO, T10000, and legacy devices such as DAT, DLT, or AIT and tape automation of 1 or 2 drives and up to 25 slots (50 slot expansion available). A 30 day demo may be downloaded from

BRU Producer’s Edition is included with TOLIS Group’s ArGest® line of LTO tape solutions. 

BRU PE 3.1 is a free update for all BRU PE 3.x users and those users with extended support.

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