Charlotte Radiology Trusts Critical Patient Data with AMI StorTrends®

Charlotte Radiology Trusts Critical Patient Data with StorTrends®

  • One of Nation’s Leading Radiology Firms Selects StorTrends Array to Provide Centralized Storage for Database, Email, Imaging, Testing and VDI

NORCROSS, Ga. - Charlotte Radiology, one of the largest and most progressive radiology groups in the nation, has trusted StorTrends from American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) to provide multiple SAN arrays to support the clinic’s need for reliable data storage capacity and protection.

Charlotte Radiology attends to thousands of patients each year in their 13 breast imaging sites, two vein and vascular centers and four free-standing imaging centers in which they collect critical patient data.

Charlotte Radiology’s Manager of Information Technology, Tony Maynard, was relieved when an unexpected production SAN failure happened during a StorTrends live in-house demo unit. Moments after the incident occurred, Charlotte Radiology put the StorTrends demo unit into their production environment.

“Right then and there, something that was previously taking 20 minutes to complete was now taking six,” says Maynard. Promptly, Maynard made the decision to rely on StorTrends as Charlotte Radiology’s primary storage provider.

Today, Charlotte Radiology is utilizing over 38 TB of storage capacity within the StorTrends arrays as their centralized storage for database, email, imaging, testing and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Not only is Maynard satisfied with the price and quality of the StorTrends storage arrays, but he was most humbled by the attitude and assistance provided to Charlotte Radiology from the StorTrends team.

Maynard says, “I cannot stress enough how good the customer service is. The StorTrends team has done nothing but accommodate our needs and bend over backwards for us. Everything has performed as they described and I have never had the feeling of being over-promised or under-delivered.”

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