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2122 Expansion Array

As your need for storage increases, Dot Hill provides an easy to deploy and cost effective way to extend your 2722 fibre channel or 2522 SAS storage SAN. The 2122 expansion unit can be quickly deployed to add twenty four more drives of capacity. A total of seven JBOD expansion units can be added.

The 2122 JBOD expansion unit can support an additional 24 SAS or SATA drives and easily expands the capacity of a customer's SAN. The 2122 JBOD array is controlled by the RAID controller of the primary unit and allows SAN expansion at a lower cost than a full RAID array.

The 2122 JBOD expansion units can be deployed with Dot Hill's 2.5-inch RAID storage arrays:

* 2522 SAS Storage Array
* 2722 Fibre Channel Array

Storage Form Factor

* 2 rackunit
* Supports 2.5 inch SAS or SATA storage drives
* 540 mm depth

Built in Redundancy

* Redundant, hot swappable power units, IO modules, and fans make maintenance easy
* Hot swappable drives

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