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EMC® RepliStor® SMB Edition replication software enables small and medium businesses to protect a critical Windows file or application server by continuously replicating data to a second Windows server. After an initial synchronization of the data, EMC RepliStor SMB Edition copies any new or changed data. It replicates files, directories, shares, and registry keys, providing a single up-to-the-minute restore point that minimizes potential data loss due to hardware failure. Protect 24x7 business applications including Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server. Replicate data from a remote computer to a central location for backup. Transmit data securely over the Internet or across a LAN.

Protect critical Windows servers
Replicate a remote computer to a central location for backup
Transfer data securely over a LAN or WAN
To learn more about RepliStor SMB Edition, download a printer-friendly PDF of the data sheet.
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