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Whether you are a government agency or a commercial organisation, the stability and reliability of your network is paramount. If you accept that no one tool or person  can  provide  all  the  answers,  then  Emulex’s  EndaceProbe  INRs  are  a  compelling  proposition.  After  all,  why  lock yourself into a single system when you can overlay the world’s most powerful network recording solution with the best-ofbreed
specialist systems?

Emulex provides open intelligent network recording appliances through its Endace product line. When deployed as a fabric, EndaceProbe™  Intelligent  Network  Recorders  (INRs)  provide  organizations  with  complete  edge  to  core  visibility  into exactly what happened on the network.  
An intelligent recording fabric allows multiple users to collaboratively investigate network/security events through
EndaceVision™,  a  unique  collaborative  network  traffic  search  engine  designed  specifically  to  connect  users  to  the  precise information that they need to solve problems in the shortest possible time.  
In addition to providing rapid access to the packet-level information, EndaceProbe INRs have been designed to host and integrate with best-of-breed applications through Endace Application Dock and a powerful new RESTful API. By harnessing the power of the INRs 100% accurate network recording capability, the performance and integrity of third-party tools can be significantly enhanced.
Why do I need to record my network traffic?
For organizations that depend on their networks for business continuity, accurate network packet recording is vital for:
 Network and application performance monitoring and troubleshooting
 Network security forensics and post-breach analysis
 Billing and monitoring of voice services
 Feeding third-party detection tools, such as intrusion detection system (IDS) and network performance
management (NPM)
For these reasons, organisations often have multiple systems monitoring important network points. Whilst this allows the best-of-breed system to do what it does, it does create significant cost and management overhead.
How does Emulex help reduce the monitoring overhead?
Emulex’s  line of  EndaceProbe INRs enable organisations to adopt a ‘capture once, use many’  strategy, which improves the quality of the output of downstream system by improving the quality of the input. With an intelligent network recording fabric, downstream monitoring systems hosted on the appliance in Application Dock, or on a separate server, can directly request pre-filtered 100% accurate information from the EndaceProbe INR.
Emulex’s EndaceProbe INRs offer organisations the following advantages:
 Each network point only needs to be recorded once
 Guaranteed 100% accurate network recording
 Hardware consolidation through Application Dock
 Reduced management overhead by reducing the number of devices to maintain
 Reduced change controls as recording systems can be managed centrally

Is open network recording a new concept?
Accurate high-speed network recording is a difficult thing to deliver. Traditional network recording tools tend to struggle with more than 2Gbps of throughput, and going above 5Gbps is a serious challenge for most vendors. Emulex addresses the performance challenge by building appliances from the ground up, integrating optimized hardware elements, including proprietary Data Acquisition and Generation (DAG®) capture technology and software.  
Emulex prides itself on providing the best-of-breed network recording platform, capable of visualising traffic traversing an entire  global  network,  with  the  highest  levels  of  data  assurance  and  accuracy.  As  such,  Emulex’s  EndaceProbe  INR platforms are widely recognized by industry professionals as an effective and efficient method of capturing, recording and sharing network traffic.
To assist with scale, EndaceProbe INRs are designed to filter and manipulate network data to optimise the performance of packet processing applications. Voice data goes to the voice system, relevant data to the IDS tool, NetFlow data to the NetFlow collector and so forth. Furthermore, should a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system require a deep packet dive on the back of an alert, the fabric can make raw packet data immediately available to the end user through the RESTful API.
How do users collaborate when analysing operational and security issues?
Capturing and recording network traffic at high-speed is only useful if users can mine it quickly and efficiently. EndaceVision is a purpose-built network traffic search engine that is designed to help users make sense of what can easily be terabytes of recorded network traffic. Using EndaceVision, users can search across many EndaceProbe INRs simultaneously and, where necessary extract the raw packets of interest for analysis in a protocol decoder, such as Wireshark.
EndaceVision runs in any web browser and incorporates a number of unique collaboration features that help operations teams solve complex problems more quickly by pooling their collective knowledge.

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