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ShareCenter - centralizes the provisioning, management and protection of file serving workloads.

ShareCenter is a management solution for scale-out Windows file serving. ShareCenter automates the configuration of clusters of multiple Windows file servers presenting a single file system to the network, using Melio clustered file system and Melio volume manager for scale-out NAS deployments. Sanbolic's Melio Data Management platform allows multiple Windows file servers to have concurrent read-write access to data on shared storage, enabling a scale-out file serving solution using industry standard servers and storage. The dynamic "on the fly" server and storage scalability of the solution allows IT departments to respond rapidly to changes in workload and traffic.

Sanbolic's Melio Data Management platform and ShareCenter provide a cost effective and very flexible solution to file serving using standard X86 physical or virtual servers instead of installing a dedicated file serving appliance.

Sanbolic's ShareCenter provides:

  • Centralized management and provisioning of network shares
  • Clustered, highly available and scalable network shares provide CIFS and NFS access
  • Monitoring of network share health across the enterprise
  • Management of multiple file share clusters independently 
  • Decreased roll out time and increased productivity
  • Ability to apply and utilize native windows security and support for Active Directory
  • Centralized Back up and Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Eliminates the cost and complexity of proprietary NAS solutions
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