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Melio VM - host-based volume manager

Customers demand high availability of their business- and mission-critical data. However, traditional approaches to building and managing shared storage architectures are often cost prohibitive. In addition to high upfront capital costs, the ongoing management and maintenance of shared storage can be complex, cumbersome and expensive.

Melio VM is a host-based volume manager that incorporates enterprise storage management capability including provisioning, Quality of Service (QoS), transaction management, locking, RAID and clustering technology to simplify management and improve the flexibility and reliability of shared storage environments.<!--break-->

Melio VM’s Virtual Shared Storage functionality produces a highly available storage environment by creating a pool of shared volumes from existing storage and server side storage devices such as HDD, SSD and Flash. The resulting software defined storage and data management platform (Soft-SAN), is functionally comparable to expensive enterprise hardware-based alternatives, at a fraction of the cost.Flexible and easy to manage, Soft-SANs improve the capability, performance, scalability, availability and utilization of customers’ application, server and storage infrastructures, without bearing the costs of installing, configuring and maintaining a hardware-based SAN.

Multiple physical or virtual hosts can simultaneously access storage volumes and volumes can span multiple storage arrays as well as internal server-based storage. The result is enterprise ready software defined storage and data management platform with drastically reduced CapEx and Opex.

Melio VM is designed for ease of use and is effectively transparent to the user familiar with native OS administration tools, thus minimizing the learning curve. It brings user-friendliness to storage management with features such as remote management capability that enables customers to manage their entire storage infrastructure.  

Melio VM Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Reduction and simplification of administration by elevating storage pool management to volume level
  • Performance, aggregation, and improved utilization across external and internal storage
  • Seamless, on-the-fly additions to meet dynamic capacity and performance requirements
  • Server, hypervisor & hard disk drive agnosticVSS integration for reliable backup & recovery
  • Storage hardware agnostic support for all block-based protocols (i.e. SAS, Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI, Infiniband, etc.)
  • Online management of shared storage
  • Latency Targeted Allocator (LTA)- Enables cost effective performance and scale-out data management and application HA platform in mixed HDD and SSD deployments in external and server side storage
  • Organizes physical disks in logical volumes that can be mounted on multiple nodes 
  • Partitions can be organized in:Stripe Set - RAID 0
  • Volume Set
  • Mirror - RAID 1
  • Striped Mirror – RAID 10
  • RAID 0,1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
  • Online Volume Extension – volumes can be extended without disrupting their normal operation
  • Online Disk Extension – disk can be extended without dismounting related volumes
  • Online Volume Mirroring – existing partition can be mirrored without disrupting operation.
  • Online Volume Migration
  • Online Volume Mirror Breaking – mirror can be broken while is part of operational volume without disrupting volume IO.
  • Load Balancing of reads on mirrored disks – on synchronized mirror
  • Melio Volume manager tracks disk utilization and will prefer reading from the less loaded disk.
  • Enables mirroring of disks (hard disks, ssd, ram disks) with different latencies and obtaining best read performance.
  • Highly Available Mirror – volume can be mounting even if some of the volume disks are missing.
  • Sanbolic Cloud Quorum Server - when only half of the mirrored disks are present the quorum can be provided by Sanbolic Quorum Server.
  • Distributed mirror synchronization – mirror synchronization is distributed amongst all computer nodes accessing the volume.
  • Supports SSD TRIM – TRIM issued from the file system is dispatched to the underlying storage.
  • Mirror Hot Spare – failed (missing) mirror partition can be automatically replaced by newly allocated one from hot spare disks pool.
  • Controls computer/node access to shared volumes
  • Supports SCSI reservations
  • Cluster Nodes Discovery
  • Per Machine Cluster Affinity
  • Seamless reconnect upon node IP change 
  • Scalability: Max Node Count Mounting Single Disk: 2048
  • Max Disk Size: 264-sector [bytes]
  • Max Volume Size: 264
  • Max Partition Size: 264-sector [bytes]
  • Max Partitions per Disk: 7679
  • Max Stripe/Volume Set Members: 65535
  • Max Mirrored Partition Size:256-sector [bytes]2
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