Posted by moonworks on Wed, 17/10/2012 - 12:26 in Storage Consolidation, Quantum, NAS
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Quantum's NDX Series NAS offers SMBs a complete primary storage, data protection and disaster recovery solution and features best-in-class performance. Quantum NDX-8 or NDX-12 1U (Right Facing)

The NDX-8 series units are available in a tower or 1U rack. The NDX-8d and NDX-12d come preconfigured with DATASTOR Shield client-side deduplication software, reducing backup time, data stored and related network traffic by up to 90% because backup data is deduplicated before being sent over the network.

The deduplication software is simple to use with its Windows Explorer-like interface as it uses agentless backup technology meaning there is no software to install on clients being protected.

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