Digital data legacy and ransomware

Yesterday we had the sad reality hitting again that sometimes, backup and basis IT strategy are sometimes neglected. Not due to the people not wanting a good IT, but due to decision makers not enabling their company to have basic IT strategy funded.

We had another case were the whole digital history of a company has been locked due to ransomware and no backup being available. Are you sure, if all your data gets encrypted, you can restore your important data again? Are you sure, in case of emergency or disaster, your company can survive? Think of all the time, energy and work of all the people that have gone into this digital legacy and ensure proper protection.

If you need assistance, are in doubt what your critical data is or have any other question on these matters, feel free to contact us. We would rather advise and save the digital legacy of another company with advice, than have to confirm another digital data loss after the facts.

The following are tips on keeping you safe:

1) Have a centralized or periodic anti virus update for all your hardware (you do have an inventory, do you?)

2) Have a fixed date, once a month to check and test your backup. Is all the relevant data still being backed up? Have you recently added more storage but not the backup? If you recover a file from the backup, does it still work as it should?

3) Do you have a firewall/ router that is being managed?

4) Are the company laptops being monitored and updated as well? They get missed a lot taking into account that those are your greatest risks!

5) employ an additional anti virus/ anti malware scan on your email


If WannaCry and Petya have not proven that even digital data of big companies are at risk, make sure that your company is safe from these form of attacks!

There are fakes, but are you willing to risk all your data in case of a wrong decision? In case of doubt, call or mail us, we are here to help!


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