Dot Hill and DataCore Solution Webinars - May 22nd

Dot Hill and DataCore Solution Webinars - May 22nd

Dot Hill DataCore

The Benefit of Software Defined Flash Webinars - Register Now!

Designing a data storage infrastructure for performance, scalability and high availability requires the selection of the most reliable hardware components, coupled with intelligent data management software.

Join Dot Hill and DataCore to learn how your customers can achieve highly available and scalable storage solutions by combining the best of flash with a software defined storage strategy. 

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Together, Dot Hill and DataCore provide an uncompromising hardware/software solution to provide your customers with the highest reliability, availability, and scalability. Learn more about how your customers can benefit from Dot Hill and DataCore in their storage environment:


Announcing: Dot Hill Q2 Pricing Updates - NOW AVAILABLE

The Q2 Pricing updates are now available through your authorized Dot Hill distributor. Look for updates and reduced pricing on some of our most popular items.

NEW for Q2 - 6TB LFF Drives now available for the AssuredSAN 4004

Your customers can now get half a petabyte of storage in a single system!

  • 576TB of total storage (72TB per enclosure, up to 8 enclosures)
  • 7K RPM, 3.5" (LFF)
  • Helium-filled for higher capacity and lower power consumption

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