Dot Hill Plays Role in Today’s Blockbuster Films

Phenomenal script writing, an accomplished director, mega star cast, and dazzling special effects - all are considered key ingredients of a blockbuster film; and yet today's biggest Hollywood blockbuster films would never exist without the most critical factor - storage.

Companies such as Dot Hill Systems Corp. produce the storage solutions that empower the film industry to produce today's biggest digital cinema masterpieces.

Just as movies have driven sales at concession stands for a century, digital video is fueling demand for storage solutions that can handle the requirements of today's video post-production studios. It's no wonder, when you consider that a film like The Social Network reportedly took up a petabyte of storage space, the equivalent of 20 million four-drawer filing cabinets. As image resolution and 3D popularity grow, storage needs are exploding. Avatar, for example, required 17GB of storage per minute. By 2017, storage for media and entertainment (M&E) is expected to grow 5X (2013 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report by Coughlin Associates), thanks to sophisticated digital encoding, larger digital images, HD video and special effects.

Dot Hill has experienced steady growth of its products in the M&E market. In the last two years, its AssuredSAN storage arrays have been used to produce films totaling more than $2 billion in box office returns. Iron Man 3, Lincoln, Skyfall and The Hobbit, are among the blockbusters that have rolled through editing bays powered by AssuredSAN storage solutions.

The last 17 Academy Award winners for Best Visual Effects were created with software solutions fromAutodesk, Inc.. In 2012, Autodesk began integrating AssuredSAN storage offerings as part of Autodesk's solution for 3D visual effects and finishing.

It's not just the film industry that relies on Dot Hill for M&E storage solutions. Harris Broadcast Communications incorporates Dot Hill midrange storage solutions into its line of NEXIO Farad online storage systems for broadcasters and other media organizations. The storage architecture provides the reliable uptime and resiliency that Harris' broadcast and media customers require for continuous operations.

AssuredSAN Storage Solutions for Advanced Workflows
AssuredSAN storage systems provide performance storage platforms for workflows using Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe, Autodesk Smoke and Flame, Colorfront On-Set Dailies or any application demanding extreme streaming performance and reliability. Designed to accelerate video streaming, and support virtually any post-production environment including Mac OS X, Linux and Windows, AssuredSAN storage solutions are optimized for advanced HD, 2K and 4K workflows.

The solutions allow post-production editors to leverage and access the same video assets from multiple editing suites at the same time. With accelerated read-write performance and versatility, AssuredSAN linear performance models speed up production and rendering, while virtually eliminating dropped frames. The AssuredSAN storage portfolio offers up to 384TB of capacity in a single system, ease-of-use and up to 99.999% availability.

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