Dot Hill Storage Solutions for Telecom OEMs

Dot Hill Systems Corp. announced two new reference platforms for OEM telecommunication customer as well as the expansion of its alliance program, through which Dot Hill will focus on the support of telecom customers and the expansion of relationships throughout the telecommunications industry.
For over 15 years, Dot Hill has been working with telecommunication customers and continues to gain new customers in that market. In addition to Samsung, Tektronix, and others, it has recently reached new agreements with OEM network equipment providers that will be using Dot Hill's mid-range AssuredSAN products for various mobile messaging and network management/monitoring solutions.

Dot Hill's new reference platform for mobile messaging provides a way for mobile operators to incorporate Dot Hill storage into carrier-grade mobile messaging and cloud applications.

Dot Hill's other new reference platform is for network management/monitoring systems that enable service providers to gather, store, and analyse large quantities of network data, ensuring the stability of mobile data networks. The reference platform for data monitoring relies on AssuredSAN 4000 array which is NEBS compliant, delivers HA and high streaming write performance that meets these demanding data capture requirements.
To support the sale of these new platforms, Dot Hill has extended its alliance program to application providers that are focused on solutions for mobile messaging and telecommunications.

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