DotHill AssuredSAN for workflows using Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe, Autodesk Smoke and Flame, Colorfront On-Set Dailies

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In the world of NLE editing and post production, driven by deadlines and deliverables, data storage is a means to an end. When you are working toward a final, perfect, master, and creating the story from the most compelling footage and effects, you need a data storage array that just works. With AssuredSAN storage from Dot Hill, you have fast, reliable storage that is easy to set up and run.  You never want to send an editor to lunch just because the data storage can’t handle the workload. That won’t happen when you rely on AssuredSAN storage from Dot Hill – because our 16Gb Fibre Channel data storage arrays can double or quadruple storage throughput over older 4Gb or 2Gb technologies. It’s time to move up to the ‘top of the line’ 16Gb fibre channel array. When you aren’t dropping frames, the rendering process runs at your pace, without losing valuable time to reboots and ‘start overs’.


Dot Hill’s AssuredSAN storage arrays are an essential part of your gear, offering full support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux environments. An AssuredSAN storage system provides the ideal high-performance storage platform for workflows using Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe, Autodesk Smoke and Flame, Colorfront On-Set Dailiesor any application demanding extreme streaming performance and proven reliability.


You have the following attached


·         Apple Guide

·         Assured San 4004 (Most used product in M+E

·         Word Document overview of digital video space and questions to ask

·         Dot Hill Workflow Charts

·         M+E Solutions Guide

·         Post Production solutions Guide

·         NAB Solutions Guide

·         Case Studies from SGO, Frame Linear, Framestor, and Warren Miller


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