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EMC Retrospect 8.0 backup and recovery software for the Mac provides individuals, home office, small office, small and midsize businesses, and branch offices with the reliability, ease of use, power, and flexibility they need to protect critical data on their Macs and Windows PCs and servers. EMC Retrospect includes a state-of-the-art Mac user interface and enterprise-level features —Including remote management of one or more backup servers and disk-to-disk-to-tape backups — at a fraction of the cost of other products. With more than two decades of field-tested expertise and millions of users worldwide, EMC Retrospect is the most trusted name in Mac backup.

Whether you are protecting photos of your company picnic or your business financial data, Retrospect 8.0 for the Mac will give you the peace of mind knowing your critical files are backed-up and secure.

New and Improved Features in Retrospect 8.0

Support for Remote Server Management
-The Retrospect Engine and User Interface are now separate applications allowing the management of multiple backup servers from a single User Interface. This architectural change allows the console application to reside on a separate computer from the server component, and for the console to log in and manage multiple Retrospect servers (license permitting) without the use of tools like Remote Desktop of VNC connections.

New User Interface-The Console Application
-The Retrospect User Interface is a modern Cocoa Application that requires 10.5 or later on Intel Macs.
-New simplified but powerful user interface will be familiar to users of programs like iPhoto and iTunes.
-Most columns can be resized and sorted. You can customize which columns display as well as what appears in the toolbar.

New Retrospect Engine-Retrospect Server
-All new Intel native Retrospect engine designed from the ground up to support the latest Mac OS systems and Apple hardware. Supports 10.4 and later on Intel Macs. The Retrospect server runs in the background as a daemon.
-The engine can be stopped and started using the new Retrospect Preference Panel

-New Activities menu allows you to display only the activities that are important to you such as; Scheduled, Waiting, Running, Past or Proactive activities

Support for Multiple Executions
-EMC Retrospect 8.0 is able to run up to 8 activities simultaneously, whereas version 6.1 can only run one. This allows users to run multiple backup and restore operations at the same time. Based on the Retrospect edition installed and total amount of RAM on the computer running the Retrospect server engine.

Better backup to Hard Disk
-Version 8.0 has advanced backup-to-disk capabilities that include support for volumes larger then 1 TB in size, spanning between multiple disks, improved support for NAS backup devices, usage/capacity quotas on a per-member basis.
-Disk Media Sets allow for Grooming of older backup data to prevent backups from growing beyond the media capacity.

Single Write, Multiple Read of disk media sets
-When a disk media set is in use as a destination, Retrospect can now read from that backup set at the same time. This allows staged backup as well as multiple restores to be performed without stopping normall backup operations.

Staged Backup (Disk to Disk to Tape)
-New features exist to copy selected backups or all backups to a new media set for offset storage. All staged backup operations can be scheduled.
-Copy Backups and Copy Media Set scripts include verification and compression options not found in Retrospect 6.1.
-All "snapshot" data copied will be saved to the media and catalog file unlike Retrospect 6.1
-Copy Backup and Copy Media Set scripts include matching so that only new items are copied with each scheduled operation.

New Automated Operations
-Users can now schedule the copying of prior backups, verification and grooming.
-New options to Pause All, Pause Scheduled or Pause Proactive backup operations

-A new backup assistant, restore assistant and copy assistant will make the creation of immediate and scheduled operations even easier then any prior version of Retrospect.

-The creation of Rules (selectors) is even easier with the newly designed interface that takes advantage of familiar Mac OS controls.

Fast Catalog Rebuild
-Catalog rebuild can now be performed by inserting only the last disk or tape of a media set. In most situations, users will no longer need to insert all disks or tapes to perform a full catalog rebuild. This can save users considerable time over the prior versions of Retrospect.
-Default location for Catalogs has moved to Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Catalogs

AES Encryption
-US Government certified AES-128 and AES-256 bit encryption for backup media

Advanced Client Networking
-Support for multiple network cards when performing client based backups
-Advanced networking preferences to adjust network timeout values
-Support for Public Keys on Macintosh Clients (10.4 and later) and Windows Clients.
-Wake on LAN support for 10.4 clients and later
-New Server edition of Retrospect includes unlimited workstation clients while the Multi-Server edition adds support for unlimited servers and workstations.

Automatic Client Login: Retrospect can scan the network and automatically add windows and Macintosh client containing the server's public key.

Advanced backup of Windows Clients
-Support for Windows workstation and server system state (registry) backup during client backup
-Support for Windows open file backup using Microsoft VSS services (add-on)
-Administrators can now use SMS, Active Directory Group Policy or other software distribution tools to install the Retrospect Client for Windows over the network.

-New Media Verification option allowing backup verification after backups have completed without having to re-read original source.
-All backup media now contains MD5 hash data to allow later Media Verification
-Prior byte by byte verification now renamed to "Thorough Verification"
-New Verification scripts allowing scheduled verification operations
-Reduced media movement when using Media Verification. When turned on, verification of the data written will be performed after the media fills, before writing to the next piece of media.
-Verification schedules can be set to only verify data not already verified

Automatic Updates
-Retrospect can be set to automatically download and install software updates.

-Groups have been replaced with Tags which allow sources to be grouped by user-defined classifications, such as "Critical Systems," "Accounting," "3rd Floor," and "Laptops."

Get info Comments
Backup of Get Info comments are supported in 10.5

Advanced Tape Support
-You can now write to 2 tape drives at the same time (add-on)
-Tape library support has been improved. Better support for bar codes and cleaning tapes.
-Media Sets can be linked (binding) to specific tape drives.

Email Notification and Reporting
-Retrospect Preferences contain an option to send notification for successful or failed backups
-Powerful custom reports can be created for almost all Retrospect operations for tracking sources, destinations, errors, backup types, media capacity and much more.

Cross Platform Media Sets
Backup Sets and media (tape and disk) created in Retrospect 7.6 for Windows can be used with Retrospect 8.0 for Macintosh.

Macintosh Client Support
-Retrospect 8.0 is compatible with Mac OS workstation and server versions 10.3.9, 10.4.11, or 10.5.5 or later. We are hoping to add support for additional Mac OS versions in a future update.

FTP Backups
-FTP backups, a feature in 6.1, will not be in the initial 8.0 release, though updated FTP backup will be added in a future update.

Terminology Changes

Old Terminology New Terminology
Backup Sets Media Sets
Subvolumes Favorite Folders
Selectors Rules
Duplicate Copy
Backup Server Script Proactive Backup Script
Source Groups Tags
Verification on Thorough verification
Normal Backup no media action
Snapshots and Sessions Past Backups
Backup Set Transfer Copy Media Set
(none) Activities
(none) Grooming
Retro.config (6.0) Config80.dat (and config80.bak)
Operations Log Operations_log.utx
Retrospect.error.log Assert_log.utx
(none) Media Verification
(none) Activity Thread
(none) Retrospect Console
(none) Retrospect Engine

To learn more about Retrospect for Macintosh : http://www.retrospect.com/products/software/retroformac/

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