Emulex CNAs EMC E-Lab-Qualified

Emulex Corp.announced its OneConnect OCe14000-E 10GbE CNAs are EMC E-Lab tested, qualified and approved for use with EMC enterprise storage solutions such as VNX and VMAX storage arrays.

These CNAs are designed for networking, storage, big data, hybrid cloud and backup and recovery with storage protocol offloads (FCoE, iSCSI), more scalable virtualization and cloud optimization using Emulex Virtual Network Exceleration (VNeX) overlay networking offload technology.

OCe14000-E 10GbE CNAs deliver set of features and capabilities to EMC customers, enabling:

- Server virtualization density and performance:  they are a connectivity solution to deliver consistent line rate throughput, up to 1.5 million IO/s for block storage and hardware offloads that deliver CPU and power efficiency, resulting in the ability to increase the number of VMs per server for Red Hat Linux 6.4, Windows Server 2012 R2 or VMware ESXi 5.5 environments.

- Reduced data center operational expenditures by lowering server power consumption: Emulex hardware offload technology can reduce power consumption by up to 50W for a typical 2 socket rack optimized server 1, which lowers the server power costs by up to 20% (based on average power consumption of 250W per a server).

- Optimized application performance with low-latency connectivity for virtualization: Emulex has implemented RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), delivering I/O with reduced latency to applications such as SQL Server and targeted network functions such as VM mobility using Windows Server SMB Direct and Linux NFS protocols.

- A 4x improvement in packet performance vs. previous generation adapters: They deliver a 4x performance increase in small packet network performance (based on Emulex Implementer's Lab blog), vs. previous generation adapters, which is critical for transaction-heavy and clustered applications such as video content delivery, Web-scale applications and messaging applications.

- Secure and scalable cloud deployments using software-defined networking and open technology: They are designed to work with open and industry standard hardware, network virtualization and software environments, including OpenStack-based management and orchestration software, emerging network virtualization using Network Virtualization Generic Routing Encapsulation (NVGRE) (used in Hyper-V) and Network Virtualization and Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) (used in VMware NSX). Emulex is also providing 10/40GbE CNAs for the OpenCompute project supporting open and standards-based Web-scale data centers.

As a Technology Connect Select partner, OCe14000-E 10GbE CNAs are available for purchase through EMC. Garnering EMC E-Lab qualification ensures interoperability with applications such as VMware, EMC Control Center and EMC PowerPath. The CNA is listed in the EMC Support Matrix (ESM) and is part of the EMC Business Partner Program for Technology Connect Partners portfolio of complementary third-party products.

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