Emulex Connectivity Products for HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers

Emulex Corporation announced a range of I/O connectivity solutions for the new HP ProLiant Gen9 rack and blade servers from HP Development Company, LP designed to support next generation workloads such as VDI, big data analytics, and emerging compute architectures such as network functions virtualization for telco and OpenStack or OpenCompute-based cloud computing.

Leveraging high performance I/O connectivity from Emulex, customers can experience virtualization agility by scaling workloads and optimizing application performance of critical applications reducing the time it takes to migrate virtual workloads.

New HP FlexFabric 556FLR-SFP+ and 650FLB/M Adapters, based on Emulex OneConnect CNA technology deliver following benefits for ProLiant Gen9 environments:

- Amplify Performance and Improve Workload Scalability: FlexFabric 556FLR-SFP+ and 650FLB/M Adapters deliver up to a 4x boost in small packet network performance1, vs. previous generation adapters, which is critical for addressing today's modern mobility, including transaction-heavy workloads such as telco, Web-scale and messaging applications. HP Virtual Connect modules including VC FlexFabric-20/40 F8, VC FlexFabric 10/24 and VC Flex-10/10D and 6125 Series Ethernet Blade Switches support FlexFabric 650FLB/M Adapters. Additionally, FlexFabric 650 Adapters allow multiple PCI functions in the form of FlexNICs. The solution is founded upon Flex-20 technology, based upon HP's Flex-10 foundation enabling network convergence seamlessly.

- Optimized Application Performance with Low-Latency Connectivity for Virtualization: All adapters are based on a common driver stack and management tools, eliminating complexity and network reconfiguration in virtualized environments, while enabling unified networking through protocol convergence, accelerating time to market and seamless deployment for customers' next generation data centers. Additionally, the company has implemented RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), which can accelerate applications such as SQL Server when using Windows Server SMB Direct, delivering application and storage acceleration through faster I/O operations.

- Improve Server Utilization and Scalability: FlexFabric 650FLB/M Adapters double Ethernet performance on blades delivering up to 20GbE, providing 2x the bandwidth for 30% lower CAPEX. Emulex vEngine storage and overlay network protocol offload support improves CPU utilization up to 46% (1), enabling heavier compute workloads and higher scalability with the ability to support more VMs per server and build faster and more scalable hybrid cloud environments. vEngine, combined with the doubled core count and faster memory in the new Xeon processors, allows customers to maintain CPU utilization thresholds and reduce CPU usage fluctuations while adding more workloads to each server. vEngine can also reduce server electrical power consumption by up to 50W (1), which lowers the server power costs by up to 20% (based on average power consumption of 250W per server).

Emulex I/O connectivity solutions for ProLiant Gen9 platforms include:

- Modular 10GbE and 20GbE LAN on Motherboards (LOMs) (referred to as HP FlexibleLOMs) - FlexFabric 20GbE 2-port 650FLB and FlexFabric 10GbE 2-port 556 FLR-SFP+ adapters

- Standup and Mezzanine 16Gb FC HBAs - StoreFabric SN1100E 16Gb dual port FC HBA and LPe1605 16Gb FC mezzanine HBAs

- Standup and Mezzanine 10GbE and 20GbE adapters - StoreFabric CN1200E 10GbE CNA and FlexFabric 20GbE 2-port 650M mezzanine adapter

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