Emulex Drives Gen 16Gb FC HBAs Adopted by Several Partners

Atto, Bloombase, Imation, Permabit, and Violin Memory

Emulex Corporation announced that more ecosystem partners have certified its LightPulse Gen 5 (16Gb) FC HBAs for flash storage, backup and security solutions, further extending the Gen 5 FC ecosystem.

ATTO Technology, Inc., Bloombase, Inc., Imation Corporation, Permabit Technology Corporation and Violin Memory, Inc. have certified Gen 5 FC HBAs with their solutions, enabling scalable, responsive solutions to accelerate applications, virtualization and I/O-intensive applications. The HBAs deliver increased SAN reliability, and management and consolidation simplicity, as well as application acceleration and higher throughput for virtualization, flash storage and mission-critical applications.

Emulex partners continue to certify Gen 5 FC HBAs as the most widely deployed HBAs by OEMs [1]. Emulex Gen 5 FC HBAs enable up to 20% more IO/s than other Gen 5 FC HBAs, plus lightning-fast response times with more than 1.2 million IO/s on a single port [2]. New Gen 5 Flash Services technology, which enables ExpressLane and CrossLink features, provide priority queuing and in-band FC message passing, available as a no-charge upgrade to currently shipping Gen 5 FC HBAs, enabling QoS and performance for mission-critical workloads running in flash arrays and server-based cache environments.

Partners have certified Emulex Gen 5 FC HBAs for flash storage,
backup and security deployments in the following ways:

- ATTO Technology: It provides end-to-end solutions to help customers better store, manage, and deliver their data. It has certified the LPe16000 Gen 5 FC HBAs with its FastStream storage controllers, FibreBridge 6500 bridge and FibreConnect 8Gb FC and 16Gb FC switches, providing low latency, guaranteed bandwidth for time-sensitive applications, streaming media, virtualized, backup and recovery applications.

- Bloombase: It delivers application-transparent data at-rest encryption security for next-generation data centers. Bloombase has certified the LPe16000 Gen 5 FC HBA in servers with its StoreSafe, an all-in-one storage security software appliance to lock down sensitive enterprise data stored in SAN for any business applications from ERP, content management, and big data analytics, with the least infrastructure change.

- Imation: Its NexsanE-SeriesSAN storage system is a reliable, high-density, performance, efficient storage array that enables lower storage costs, maximum storage uptime, and storage ROI boosts for most any environment - whether traditional, virtual or cloud. Imation has certified the LPe16000 Gen 5 FC HBAs with the Nexsan E-Series storage system so that customers can benefit from increased bandwidth, IO/s and reduced latency.

- Permabit: In data efficiency technology, it delivers Albireo, an embedded performance OEM data optimization software to storage, application, and integrated IT vendors. It has certified the LPe16000 Gen 5 FC HBAs with Albireo, which enables storage vendors to deliver high speed data deduplication for primary archive or backup storage tiers that utilize either traditional HDD or flash-based storage.

- Violin Memory: Its flash memory arrays accelerate business critical applications and enable virtualized and optimized IT infrastructures. Designed for sustained performance with high reliability, flash memory arrays scale to hundreds of terabytes and millions of IO/s with low, sub-millisecond spike-free latency. Violin Memory has certified the LPe16000 Gen 5 FC HBAs as initiators against its 6000 Series flash memory arrays. This configuration was used in the Storage Switzerland report on designing a two million IO/s architecture.

"Performance is very important to Violin Memory," said Narayan Venkat, VP of product management, Violin Memory, "Emulex's Gen 5 FC HBAs were a key element of our product demonstration of the Violin Memory 6000 Series flash Memory Arrays that resulted in more than 2 million IO/s at this year's VMworld trade show."

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