Emulex Ethernet and 16Gb FC Connectivity for New Lenovo ThinkServer Family

Emulex is delivering a range of I/O connectivity solutions for the next generation Lenovo Group Ltd.'s ThinkServer family, based on the new Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3 product families, designed to support next generation database, compute and virtualization workloads and to meet the interoperability and reliability requirements of enterprise and scale-out data centers.

Emulex is delivering AnyFabric LPm15004 8Gb FC and LPm16002 16GFC adapters, as well as OCm14000 10GbE CNAs with hardware offload support for FCoE, iSCSI and RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), enabling flexible, performance, high density I/O for the next generation Lenovo ThinkServer family. Additionally, the OneConnect OCe14000 10GbE and 40GbE CNAs and LightPulse Gen 5 16Gb LPe16000 FC HBAs are qualified and available as ThinkServer adapter options.

New I/O connectivity solutions align with following benefits
of next generation Lenovo ThinkServer family:

- Accelerated Application Performance: ThinkServer CNAs support RoCE, which accelerates applications such as SQL Server when using Windows Server SMB Direct, delivering application and storage acceleration through faster I/O operations. The ThinkServer Gen 5 FC HBAs also improve application performance with up to 1.2 million I/O operations per second (IO/s)1, which is 20% more than other Gen 5 FC HBAs, and up to 3x faster for Oracle databases and 2x faster for SQL Server deployments

- Increased Workload Scalability: ThinkServer CNAs deliver up to a 4x boost in small packet network performance2, vs. previous generation adapters, which is critical to scale transaction-heavy and clustered applications and workloads such as telco, Web-scale and messaging.

- Flexible Workload Storage Connectivity with FCoE and iSCSI Offloads: The ThinkServer CNAs support FCoE offload using the same enterprise Emulex drivers that work with LightPulse FC HBAs. They also support iSCSI offload, providing performance that is superior to iSCSI solutions based on software initiators and standard NICs. Finally the ThinkServer CNAs have the ability to support TCIP/IP and iSCSI or FCoE offloads on the same port (i.e. concurrent storage).

- Improved Virtualization Agility and Cloud Scale Networking: Lenovo ThinkServer CNAs include Emulex Virtual Network Exceleration (VNeX) technology which offloads the header encapsulation process of next generation overlay network protocols, simplifying VM mobility and network scalability, while optimizing server performance when compared to adapters without offload capabilities. VNeX technology allows customers to maintain CPU utilization thresholds and reduce CPU usage fluctuations, while adding more workloads to each server in virtual networking environments.

- Simplified and Flexible System Management: Emulex enables deployment of its AnyFabric adapters by integrating Emulex driver and firmware deployment into the ThinkServer Deployment Manager. Additionally, adapters deliver integrated diagnostics and thermal monitoring for the ThinkServer System Management tools ensuring reliability.


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