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EonStor DS 2000 series Enhances database and VDI performance in entry level storage

The new EonStor DS 2000 series of RAID systems from Infortrend delivers greatly improved performance and features in an affordable entry-level package for SMBs. With up to 780K IOPS, as much as 5,500MB/s read throughput, and scalability to 360 drives via JBOD, EonStor DS 2000 systems bring true enterprise-class storage to more businesses and organizations. Thanks to their speedy performance and reliability, EonStor DS 2000 products are perfectly-suited to database, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and Microsoft Exchange applications.

Infortrend continues to work diligently on solutions for budget-conscious SMBs, providing entry level-priced storage with ever more capable designs. The EonStor DS 2000 series has just launched, and goes even further than previous product series from Infortrend such as the EonStor DS 1000 range. As mentioned above, the integration of new hardware and software architectures leads to performance of up to 780K IOPS and a read throughput of as much as 5,500MB/s. These are segment-leading figures, providing ample performance for database and VDI applications, which are becoming increasingly important to smaller businesses and enterprises. As data grows exponentially and the desire to maintain efficiency and conserve resources drives a need for virtualization, better performance is a must across all storage categories. With the EonStor DS 2000 series, Infortrend offers exemplary performance at attractive prices – resulting in more “performance per dollar” than competing solutions on the market.

In addition to superb output, EonStor DS 2000 models are also widely scalable with compatible JBOD enclosures, allowing as many as 360 drives to be connected to one system. They further support a diverse spectrum of enterprise-class data services: snapshot, volume copy/mirror, thin provisioning, and smart media scan are included by default, among others. Products are also compatible with self-encrypting drives (SED), and customers may purchase licenses for performance-boosting SSD Cache, automated storage tiering, secure remote replication, and many other services.


Read more about the new EonStor DS 2000 series here


SSD Optimization

Infortrend SSD Cache Accelerates Read Speeds on EonStor DS Systems

Encouraging and supporting the transition to SSD, Infortrend is proud to announce SSD Cache, a new solution for accommodating read-intensive applications. SSD Cache is offered as an option on EonStor DS 1000/DS 2000/DS 3000 storage series, and delivers up to a 16-fold increase in read IOPS, with response time lowered by 88% in Infortrend testing.



Infortrend Video

Get to Know Infortrend with a Company Introduction Video on YouTube

Just a quick heads-up that we’ve posted a new video on YouTube to quickly introduce Infortrend and highlight our core advantages and values. Please share this video with your own contacts and customers so that they too can get to know us better and take advantage of the all-in-one, dedicated approach Infortrend takes to storage, with in-house development, manufacturing, and quality assurance, plus our focus on affordable performance.


The Infortrend introduction video can be found here, so give it a look!



EonNAS 1000 Gen2

EonStor DS 2000 Series

EonStor DS 3000 Series

EonStor DS 1000 Series

EonNAS 3000 Gen2

Application Notes

Enterprise Vault Snapshot on EonNAS Systems

EonNAS unified storage offers convenient consolidation of block and file-level operations on a single system. This makes EonNAS solutions excellent for multi-tasking NAS, SAN, and DAS environments on the same platform, a much-needed advantage sought by SMBs who want to simplify IT management. With Enterprise Vault Snapshot, users can easily create a copy of all data associated with an EonNAS system, quickly backing up volumes and folders.

Read the full guide to using Enterprise Vault Snapshot in the application notes here.

Application Notes

EonNAS and Importing Data from Linux LDAP Servers

Also related to the diverse formats and protocols supported by EonNAS unified storage, these application notes provide a how-to for importing data from Linux LDAP servers. LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, and as the name suggests has been designed to make moving data across diverse networks easier, quicker, and less resource-intensive. EonNAS systems support the Linux LDAP architecture, and you can learn more about the simple process here.

White Paper

EonStor DS Remote Replication Feature Guide

We have published a handy and easy to follow guide to using remote replication on EonStor DS systems via their intuitive user interface. EonStor DS systems support up to 64 remote replication pairs, providing users with strong protection against data loss even in the event of a major disruption such as a natural disaster. As remote replication safely and reliably creates copies of datasets in distinct and separate locations, it is the best possible defense against disastrous data loss. Take a look at the white paper to find out more here.

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