exchange your VMware VSA for StorMagic’s SvSAN

You may have heard that VMware VSA is no longer available, and support for it will end in September 2018. Going forward, the alternative virtual storage solution from VMware – Virtual SAN – will pose some serious challenges for VMware users. The first is cost; VSAN licensing costs are substantial, and increased storage, memory and networking requirements add extra cost to the system. Second, Virtual SAN and similar solutions aren’t always suitable for storage on the edge, meeting their core requirements for a cost-effective solution with a minimal IT footprint. Also, there’s no easy upgrade path from VMware VSA to VMware VSAN, making the transition difficult and resource-intensive.

If you’d like to get ahead and move to a solution with a clear future that’s being adopted at a fast-growing rate in the industry, we’d like to offer you a trade. For a limited time, you can exchange your VMware VSA for StorMagic’s SvSAN – and only for the costs of your ongoing maintenance that are undoubtedly already a part of your IT budget.

SvSAN, a software solution that delivers a virtualized shared storage platform, enables enterprises to eliminate downtime and ensure high availability of business critical applications at the edge where disruptions directly equate to losses in revenue and service. By leveraging existing server storage and presenting it as a virtual SAN, SvSAN supports a wide range of organizations – from those with 10 edge sites to those with 10,000 or more – through minimal IT infrastructure. It also offers IT organizations a clear migration path from any existing storage solutions, minimizing transition burdens.

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Author: Joël

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