Free Quantum tape library with free installation when trading in a competitive library

Quantum is offering a free Scalar® i500 or Scalar i6000 tape library–with FREE installation–to all customers trading in an old Dell, HP, IBM, Oracle/Sun/StorageTek, Overland or SpectraLogic tape library. (ask for terms and conditions)

Now is the perfect time to convert competitors' customers to Quantum tape libraries. This program should be particularly effective for Oracle/Sun/StorageTek, HP, and Spectra Logic customers, including M&E customers using these libraries behind archive applications, such as Front Porch Digital and Filetek.

It is also a great time to upgrade existing Quantum legacy enterprise tape customers
(Scalar i2000, Scalar 10K, PX720, etc.) to the Scalar i6000.

Customers trading in competitive tape libraries can receive a free Scalar i6000 100-slot base library or a free Scalar i500 14U module with 41 slots. The general program terms and conditions specific to each library.

Orders Shipments & Lead Time : 25AUG14 to 31MAR15

Ask us for more details! 0032 3 297 07 07 or

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