if you are serious about network security... read this!

Endace, a New Zeland company that used to be owned by Emulex and now part of Avago, is using packet data to get to the root cause of network performance and security problems.

Packet analysis may seem like a dark art to the untrained, but it is not terribly difficult to learn and it provides a great means to move beyond summarised or interpretive data and get to the facts quickly. Like they always say of packet data, “The truth lies within”.

Over the years Endace have helped many organisations to make this capability a reality, resulting in savings of millions of pounds, dollars and euros in reduced downtime, improved performance and better brand protection. These savings have been achieved through a mixture of solution design, consulting, product advice and training.

Endace can help organisations to:

  • Reduce mean time to resolution for network performance problems.
  • Reduce mean time to resolution for network security events.
  • Maximise performance of applications to delight users and customers.


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Author: Joël

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