Infortrend and ATTO carter to Mac OS support

Infortrend and ATTO Cater to Mac OS Media and Content Creation Professionals

Close cooperation between Infortrend and ATTO continues to benefit customers in diverse industries. ATTO is one of the leading makers worldwide of host bus adapters and RAID cards, and together with Infortrend has recently launched a range of products tailored for Mac OS 10.9 users in the media and content creation industries. High performance and powerful EonStor DS 3000 RAID systems from Infortrend couple with 16Gb/s Fibre Channel HBA products from ATTO to offer customers the bandwidth and responsiveness needed to handle Ultra HD 4K content with ease. As resolutions keep rising, so does the demand for storage that can sustain higher definition content. Infortrend and ATTO are prepared to take on this challenge, providing customers multiple options and serving the hardworking Mac OS-based creative community.

Please click here to read the joint press release issued by Infortrend and ATTO.

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