Infortrend : Best Practice article for deploying EonStor DS Family


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In order to better support Infortrend storage users, we have released a new Best Practice article for deploying EonStor DS Family as a great media and entertainment solution, with a particular focus on the EonStor DS 3000 and EonStor DS 4000 Series. This article describes the solutions’ design models and highlights the unique characteristics of Infortrend storage solutions and how they benefit our customers.

With this Series, our goal is to help users meet both IT and media requirements through a single comprehensive storage system, without having to compromise on one or the other, or deploying separate, inefficient and cost-prohibiting solutions. Created with media and entertainment in mind, we provide more than enough high performance, high availability and flexible long-term scalability to satisfy the demands of both departments in an efficient, affordable way.

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