Infortrend: Compact 2U EonNAS 3000 Gen2 more than doubles scalability

One of the main improvements Infortrend has incorporated into the EonNAS 3000 Gen2 series of unified storage systems is bigger and wider scalability on all models, including the smaller offerings. The compact 2U 12-bay EonNAS 3012 Gen2 range scales to as many as 252 drives via compatible JBOD enclosures. Taking into account support for 6TB disks, users can tap up to 1.5PB of total capacity. The support for 252-drive scalability is a massive step up from previous EonNAS 3000 products, which only scales to 120 disks in 2U arrays. That means more than a doubling of scalability

This is much more than the normal storage capacity of similarly-priced NAS systems in the 2U form factor, giving businesses and enterprises the flexibility of adding storage as needed well into the future without fear of running out of room.

Also consider that EonNAS 3000 Gen2 systems deliver a more compact form factor overall, with a shallower footprint at 500mm rack depth. Down from 650mm in previous EonNAS 3000 models, this reduction in physical size combines with wider scalability to provide higher density – less space required but more storage provided. This is the efficiency contemporary users seek, and the EonNAS 3000 Gen2 lineup has the features to address it. Coupled with its unified storage architecture that allows for file and block access on one system (or effectively NAS/DAS/SAN in one), these advantages make the EonNAS 3000 Gen2 range a desirable destination for anyone interested in multi-functional and efficient 2U enterprise storage.

To learn more, please visit the EonNAS 3000 Gen2 page. 

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