Infortrend DS 3024B

2U 24-bay RAID for 2.5-inch drives

Infortrend Technology Inc. announced EonStor DS 3024B small form factor 2U 24-bay systems for 2.5" drives.

Infortrend,DS 3024B

They enable higher density storage with lower space requirements and modest power consumption while retaining EonStor DS 3000 advantages. Those include SSD support for better performance and comprehensive data services such as remote replication and automated storage tiering.

EonStor DS 3024B systems pack more drives into smaller chassis compared to 3.5"-based units. They offer higher storage density and are for implementing SSD for faster access to data and overall better storage performance. Another advantage of SFF systems are lower space requirements, allowing users to make effective use of office floor area. SFF systems designed for 2.5" drives also draw less electricity for power savings and environmentally-friendly operation.


Systems support remote replication for DR and automated storage tiering, which allocates frequently-accessed data to SSD, resulting in higher performance. Snapshot, local replication, and thin provisioning are standard. Host interface options include 8Gb or 16Gb FC, 6Gb SAS, and 1GbE or 10GbE iSCSI, with hybrid hosts increasing versatility, as FC can be linked to mission critical applications while iSCSI is best-suited to remote replication.

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