Infortrend: EonStor DS 1024B: small form factor delivers big enterprise capabiliti​es

EonStor DS 1024B: small form factor delivers big enterprise capabilities

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Infortrend has been working to enable and accommodate the drive towards denser, more compact, and increasingly efficient enterprise storage. At the heart of this trend is 2.5” media, with a particular emphasis on speedy SSD. The new EonStor DS 1024B offers a small form factor array created with all this in mind – while retaining the winning Infortrend combination of superior performance, better reliability, and long-lasting value and focusing exclusively on drives that are smaller and more efficient than the 3.5” form factor.

For starters, the EonStor DS 1024B sustains up to 550K IOPS, 5,500MB/s read, and 1,900MB/s write, which are all stellar performance figures on an entry-level enterprise storage system priced for affordable SMB deployment. The high throughput is ideal for storing content in even the most demanding media editing, executing time-critical backup, and carrying out any other application, as top-notch performance expedites all storage-related tasks.

Data services and drive compatibility are also cutting edge. Systems support highly secure self-encrypting drives (SED). They offer optional 4-level automated storage tiering to best leverage drive speed and capacity, and provide SSD wear level indication to pre-empt any potential issues. Secure remote replication is also available, while snapshot, local replication, thin provisioning and more are standard.

For interconnect, systems ship with four 1Gb/s iSCSI ports by default but can be upgraded with much faster host interfaces, such as new 12Gb/s SAS. Additional options include 10Gb/s iSCSI, 16Gb/s FC, and 6Gb/s SAS. Hybrid host interfaces make connectivity and storage multitasking a reality, as dual controllers and redundant 80 PLUS power supplies ensure high availability. Users can also choose super capacitor or backup battery unit (BBU) emergency power delivery to prevent downtime due to extended power outages.

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