Infortrend : EonStor DS 2000 RAIDs for Database and VDI Ecosystems

Infortrend Technology, Inc. announced EonStor DS 2000 RAID systems, which deliver up to 780K IO/s to outperform other entry-level enterprise storage on the market.


They are for I/O-intensive applications such as SQL, Exchange, CRM, Oracle Database, SAP, and VDI.

The DS 2000 systems provide access to leading performance with extensive enterprise data services. These include multi-level automated storage tiering to leverage capacity and drive speed, SSD wear indication to pre-empt disk failure, and remote replication, which offers convenient DR. SED compatibility helps assure enhanced data security.

With hardware and firmware optimization, EonStor DS 2000 RAID systems deliver up to 780K IO/s, 5,500MB/s read, and 1,900MB/s write. These capabilities ensure an cost-performance proposition for businesses looking to implement fast, reliable, and responsive databases and VDI as essential workflow elements.


Additionally, EonStor DS 2000 systems support SSD cache to boost cache read IO/s by up to 16 times and reduce response time by up to 88%.

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