Infortrend EonStor DS 4000 series: all-round 12Gb/s SAS implementation, with 1.1M MB/s read!


Infortrend are proud to announce the release of the brand new EonStor DS 4000 series of high performance, mid-range storage systems, aimed at SMBs and enterprises. The new EonStor DS 4000 series boasts 11,000MB/s read and 4,200MB/s write capabilities, which is double the typical performance in their storage segment.

Another distinctive feature of the EonStor DS 4000 series is its dual host board design on the controller. Given that a mixture of hosts is not uncommon in one application environments, the incorporation of the unique dual host board on our new series speeds up performance and maximizes connection versatility for the host, meaning extensive hybrid interconnects with Fibre channel, SAS and iSCSI can all be supported on the one system. For users, this means they can choose and mix various host interfaces to coincide with their own usage habits and satisfy their specific demands.

The other major feature of the new series is massive throughput up to 1.3M IOPS. With the latest 12Gb/s SAS technology, the EonStor DS 4000 series is highly suitable for those dealing with databases and those working with data-intensive tasks like video and media editing and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) applications.

Following Infortrend tradition, EonStor DS 4000 systems are highly scalable and can support as many as 436 drives using 12Gb/s SAS to Infortrend’s newly-released JB 3000 expansion enclosures (JBODs). This scalability gives users enormous capacity while also simplifying the future expansion of their storage network environments.

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