Infortrend ESVA F75 and EonStor DS 3000 Systems Optimized for VDI Performance

New Generation Products Support Wide Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Implementation in any Organization and Enterprise


TAIPEI, Taiwan, November 19th, 2013Infortrend® (Public TPE: 2495) continues to refine and improve virtualization performance on its entire product range. The latest ESVA and EonStor DS RAID subsystems feature the computing power, flexible scalability, and data services required for simple yet effective virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment. Their designs can easily handle heavy compute loads generated by peak IOPS consumption periods, while multi-lateral scalability helps customers expand virtual networks as needed.

VDI stands as one of the most useful virtualization methodologies currently used. Virtual desktops reduce total cost of ownership compared to physical machines. Upfront purchase and maintenance costs are effectively zero, plus they free users from being tied to a physical location, thus enabling remote productivity. Virtual desktops promote consolidated management and are much easier to supervise than physical machines, as MIS can oversee them remotely with no need to attend to actual hardware. For similar reasons, VDIs offer improved security compared to actual desktops, with no hardware for external parties to attack and centralized management making monitoring more effective.

ESVA F75 and EonStor DS 3000 systems deliver massive storage capacities, and support up to 6,000 virtual desktops per system. They handle the needs of large enterprises, with each virtual desktop acting as a normal PC, including customization for every user and the ability to install programs. 

In terms of performance, Infortrend delivers ample overhead to handle boot, log in, and log out storms. These represent peak activity times in a typical work day, and may cause networks running on inadequate hardware to crash. Bundled with View Planner and Iometer, Infortrend RAID systems offer up to 180K IOPS in RAID 1 configurations and 55K IOPS in RAID 6 total compute power. When using RAID 1 configuration and 15K SAS, actual Iometer VDI testing shows 4K IOPS per ESVA/EonStor DS system and 250 IOPS per disk which are more than up to handling access storms. The user friendly interfaces of Infortrend systems simplify the important task of VDI sizing (space and network resource allocation per virtual machine) and enable the quick creation of secure linked clones. These offer static backup images of a parent virtual desktop that remains unaffected by changes to the source, which is very useful for archiving purposes.

“Infortrend ESVA and EonStor DS product families show the results of the emphasis we place on virtualization capabilities. With customers worldwide keen on increasing network performance while controlling expenditure, virtualization is an attractive path. However, it requires storage systems keep up with regards to performance and ease of management. Infortrend products deliver above standard on all counts, ensuring stable and reliable virtual networks”, said Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning at Infortrend.

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