Infortrend: IT Pro EonStor DS 1024B 5-star review: Infortrend SMB leadership affirmed


IT Pro EonStor DS 1024B 5-star review: Infortrend SMB leadership affirmed

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Recognition of the performance and value offered to SMBs by EonStor DS storage systems began the first week of 2015, with a glowing 5-star review of the EonStor DS 1024B. Assessed by IT Pro (a leading enterprise technology website based in the UK), the EonStor DS 1024B system received full marks and a strong recommendation by reviewer Dave Mitchell, who said it “takes this to the next level” in terms of delivering low cost, high impact storage for budget-savvy SMBs.

Mr. Mitchell further said “Infortrend re-invents entry-level storage for SMBs with an affordable high-speed hybrid array” when reviewing the small form factor (SFF) EonStor DS 1024B, designed for 2.5” drives and ideal for all-SSD storage.

Particular praise was given to the exemplary performance the system delivers via 16Gb/s Fibre Channel and its hybrid host design, which enables FC SAN and IP SAN in one, plus diverse data services. In the latter category, storage tiering was especially noted as improving versatility and performance, with Mr. Mitchell saying that it “won’t be bettered by anyone at this price point”.

Other key advantages covered were redundancy, SANWatch/RAIDWatch UI ease of operation, and emergency backup power (super capacitors or backup batteries).

Reviews such as this 5-star appraisal by IT Pro confirm the Infortrend pledge: provide innovative, high performance, feature-loaded, and user friendly enterprise storage for SMBs at entry-level prices with an unbeatable cost-performance ratio.

We hope you will share this review with your contacts and customers so they can be better informed of the advantages Infortrend products provide.

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EonNAS 3000 SeriesV5.311/18/2014
ESVAFamily BrochureV4.81/15/2015
Data ServiceV2.58/13/2013
FC-host SeriesV4.35/27/2014
Expansion EnclosureV2.92/7/2014
ESVA Cluster File SystemV2.25/27/2014
Automated Storage TieringV1.45/27/2014
JBODJB 200 SeriesV1.31/15/2015
JB 2000 SeriesV1.311/17/2014

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