Infortrend Launches All-Flash Storage Series

Infortrend are pleased to announce the launch of two new flash-based storage solutions: an All-Flash storage and a Hybrid storage.

Being the SPC-1 top ranked price-performance All-Flash Storage vendor, Infortrend is extremely well positioned to provide customers with all the benefits of flash technology while maintaining the high quality, reliability and performance standards we are known for at an affordable price point.

Regarding our All-Flash Storage, we released a high density 2.5” SFF solution, which saves both space and power, while offering low latency and the ability to handle high IOPS. This makes it the perfect solution to accelerate Database and VDI applications in the most efficient and cost-effective way. With optimized SSD and CPU, and high availability, the All-Flash Storage is hard to beat!

Those looking for a high-performing but more affordable option should look no further than Infortrend’s new Hybrid Storage. Combining flash with HDD components, it offers customers the option of SSD Cache and automated storage tiering, providing them with optimized performance and better capacity utilization at an cost-effective price point.

For more information about our All-Flash Storage, click here.

For more information about our Hybrid Storage, click here.

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