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Infortrend releases dual controller EonStor DS 1000R systems for SMBs

Infortrend releases dual controller EonStor DS 1000R systems for SMBs

We recently had the pleasure of sharing with you the arrival of SMB-focused EonStor DS 1000G RAID systems for DAS, SAN, and IP SAN scenarios, which offer enterprise-class performance and features at affordable entry-level prices. The EonStor DS 1000 series is now expanding with dual controller EonStor DS 1000R models, which greatly increase performance and add high availability thanks to redundant controllers. This gives SMBs even more choice for excellent storage performance and reliability at readily accessible price points.

Like their EonStor DS 1000G predecessors, dual controller EonStor DS 1000R systems initially launch in 12-bay and 16-bay versions, expandable through compatible JBOD enclosures. Their key advantage is redundant dual controllers that enable fast failover and continued operation even if one controller needs to be taken offline. In addition to high storage availability, performance aggregation means EonStor DS 1000R systems reach up to 380K IOPS, 5,500MB/s read, and 1,900MB/s write. These performance figures are very impressive for SMB-priced systems, giving a wider range of users access to enterprise-class storage capabilities.

Also contributing to availability and durability, EonStor DS 1000R systems can be customized to ship with battery backup units or Super Capacitors to maintain power to data saved in cache even during prolonged power outages. Both solutions mean vital data can be retrieved fully intact even if mains power goes out for longer than 72 hours – the typical period of time covered by generic backup solutions.

EonStor DS 1000R battery backup units (BBU) are fully hot-swappable so they can be replaced or upgraded without any downtime, offering users a modular and flexible solution. Super Capacitors are designed for ease of use and convenience. These durable capacitors are built-in and therefore require no maintenance or replacement. Customers can order systems with the solution that best fits their needs and budget. 

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New products

Updated and improved EonNAS 3000-1 unified storage series launched

The successful EonNAS 3000 series has been revised and updated, now branded EonNAS 3000-1 and offering even better value and return on investment due to higher efficiency and increased availability. Systems are also more affordable than before, bringing rackmount unified storage to more users. They achieve all this while maintaining every advantage of the original EonNAS 3000 series, including modular design, ZFS, Global Namespace, and more.

All EonNAS 3000-1 unified storage systems include dual redundant 80 PLUS power supplies to ensure increased energy efficiency, lower operating costs, and high availability. They can be ordered with single or dual active-active controllers with 1Gb/s iSCSI ports by default, which can be changed to 8Gb/s or 16Gb/s Fibre Channel, 10Gb/s iSCSI, or 6Gb/s SAS. Users gain access to large capacities thanks to wide scalability: EonNAS 3000-1 systems support up to 256 drives via JBOD with 6TB drive compatibility – or around 1.5PB in total capacity.

While powerful and expandable, EonNAS 3000-1 systems are more compact at a rack depth of just 500mm, allowing an easier fit in cabinets. They are also easy to use thanks to a trio of interfaces. A native GUI allows simple management of each system while the EonOne interface enables effortless consolidation of several EonNAS systems of differing series into a single easy to administer network. For more technical supervision, CLI (command line interface) is available for in-depth but efficient access and advanced customization when scripting commands and routines. 

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New solution page

Take a closer look at Intelligent Drive Recovery

We have a new solution page dedicated to Infortrend Intelligent Drive Recovery, or IDR. This exclusive technology enhances media scan and data protection compared to generic RAID, accelerating data recovery times and reducing host I/O impact.

IDR actively scans data for errors, increasing fault tolerance and pre-empting drive failure by quickly relocating data or rebuilding drives using spares. IDR works with HDD S.M.A.R.T to prevent disk failure and system disruption, as errors are automatically noticed and corrected. For rebuilding, IDR suspends and resumes when certain I/O demand thresholds are reached, minimizing negative impact on system performance. IDR can be automated, scheduled, or fully manual, and in tests has been shown to reduce rebuild times drastically: a 4TB NL-SAS drive takes just 9 hours to rebuild instead of 60 using generic RAID.

Navigate to the new IDR solution page on our website here. A detailed IDR white paper can be found here

Media review

IT Pro: EonStor DS 3024RTEB offers affordable top performance and availability

Leading UK-based technology media outlet IT Pro have recently reviewed the EonStor DS 3024RTEB high density SFF RAID system, and found it an excellent combination of performance and value. The system has dual high output controllers, onboard 1Gb/s iSCSI, and is designed for 2.5” disks for more capacity with less space required, as well as SSD optimization.

In his review, IT Pro’s Dave Mitchell touches on the performance, high availability, and ease of use offered by the system, all at attractive prices that SMBs and smaller enterprises can afford. Mr. Mitchell concludes that the EonStor DS 3024RTEB is “a versatile disk array with a tempting price tag. The ESDS provides top Fibre Channel performance, the compact form factor and affordable price and you have an ideal all-round storage appliance for SMBs”.

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