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EonStor DS 3024B systems deliver smart small form factor high density

Dear partners,

Flexibility and storage ingenuity set Infortrend apart, and our fast response to customer needs places us at the forefront. We’ve heard the demand for a combination of small form factor (SFF) RAID systems and high density capacities, with the result being new EonStor DS 3024B systems.

These 2U products support 2.5” drives to pack big capacity into SFF chassis, saving precious office space compared to 3.5”-only systems. Their smaller drives are also energy efficient to reduce power consumption, and of course 2.5” designs are ideal for SSD installation.

The best part is that high density EonStor DS 3024B SFF solutions live up to the reputation established by our flagship EonStor DS 3000 series. Customers get the same configuration choice and performance – pick from 8Gb/s or 16Gb/s Fibre Channel, 6Gb/s SAS, and 1Gb/s iSCSI or 10Gb/s iSCSI host interfaces, select a hybrid interface, go for a single controller, or tap high availability dual controllers. Accelerate storage with up to 1.3M IOPS and 5.5GB/s throughput, plus count on future-ready scalability via JBOD.

And although smaller in stature, 2U EonStor DS 3024B systems go big on data services: they support automated storage tiering (leveraging SSD speeds and NL-SAS capacities) and secure remote replication disaster recovery. As always, systems include snapshot, thin provisioning, and local replication licenses, with everything accessible through our exclusive and user friendly SANWatch GUI.

Infortrend storage optimized for VMWare Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Dear partners,

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure offers the creation of multiple virtual desktop clients independent of physical locations and hardware. Customers get extra physical space without having to buy and maintain additional equipment. Plus, the more capable the storage system VDI is based on the more clients can be created and the better the service offered to each user.

With EonStor DS 3000 models, Infortrend delivers sustained high performance that enables better deployment of virtualization technologies, including VMWare vSphere 5.5. This is especially clear with systems such as the EonStor DS 3016RT and EonStor DS 3024RTB. Their powerful performance and high availability architecture provide the essentials of excellent VDI deployment: high IOPS (up to 180K in widely applicable VDI profiles), multiple SSD support, fast 8Gbps/16Gbps FC host interfaces, and high density form factors (incl. 2U 24-bay, 4U 48-bay, and 4U 60-bay). Due to these valuable advantages, they can power around 1,000 VDI clients on each system, expandable by up to 400 VDI clients per JBOD enclosure for flexible growth as more users are added.

It is thanks to high performance and SSD optimization that EonStor DS 3000 systems outpace the competition in IOPS per unit and are designed to handle peak IOPS consumption periods. Those include login, boot, and logout storms or times when many users perform the same task at once, as opposed to the steady state. The high performance on offer also means a better VDI client/disk ratio, or more users supported for less drives than required by systems from other brands.   

Drive Compatibility

EonStor DS 3000 Systems Now Support 5TB Seagate SATA Drives

As reflected in our Qualified Vendor List, we are happy to announce that EonStor DS 3000 systems now support new 5TB SATA drives from Seagate. As the need for higher density and bigger drives continues to encourage new developments in the storage industry, Infortrend is keen on giving customers and users more choice.


6TB Drive Support

EonStor DS 3000 and EonNAS 3000 Series Compatible with 6TB HGST NL-SAS Drives

As business and enterprise users around the world need to store ever-larger amounts of data while ensuring operational efficiency, Infortrend continues to work with industry partners to provide new solutions. EonStor DS 3000 and EonNAS 3000 storage systems are among the first to support for 6TB NL-SAS drives from HGST. Over 30% larger than 4TB drives, the new disks boost storage capacity: for example, a high density EonStor DS 3000 system with 360 drives via JBOD enclosures may hold up to 2,160TB, compared to 1,440TB with 4TB drives. Additionally, the new disks use advanced fabrication and helium, resulting in improved drive efficiency and longevity.


EonStor DS 3016R 16Gb/s Fiber Channel Exchange Server 2013 storage

We have published a new white paper that details the testing and certification parameters involved in obtaining official Microsoft ESRP 2013 listing for the EonStor DS 3016R RAID system. Equipped with a high speed 16Gb/s Fibre Channel host interface and dual controllers, this powerful and scalable storage solution is ideal for email applications, and the white paper sheds much more light on the technical side of its many benefits.

You can view the white paper here.

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