Infortrend Newsletter May 2015

Infortrend support for HGST 8TB HDD to gain more efficiency for massive capacity storage solutions

Handling ever-increasing data growth in day-to-day operations with limited data center space is a key challenge for enterprises. With the announcement that EonStor DS family supports HGST's enterprise-class 8TB hard disk drives (HDD), it enables Infortrend users to dramatically increase their storage capacity while ensuring ease of management for their growing data in a more efficiency way.


Success Story

Splash Entertainment moves to new studio data center bundle featuring Infortrend, ATTO and Tiger solutions

To improve data consolidation and maximize performance, Splash Entertainment, an animation studio involved in distribution, post production, online content creation and video on demand (VOD), moved to Motion Media's new 4K Studio Bundle, which is built upon Infortrend's EonStor DS storages. The bundle also includes solutions from Infortrend's partners, namely Tiger's Workflow Controller and ATTO's 16Gb/s FC connectivity and offers users in the media and entertainment (M&E) with some of the strongest features available.


Deployment Case

Multimedia Programming America deploys 1.34 petabyte Infortrend storage for a major Los Angeles studio

Focusing on cost per terabyte, flexibility, reliability, and efficient custom workflows, Multimedia Programming America (MPA) recently deployed a 1.34 petabyte Infortrend based Xsan storage solution for a major Television Studio in Los Angeles. Utilizing Infortrend’s Eonstor DS3012 and DS3024 as Metadata/Aux storage in conjunction with eight 48-bay Eonstor DS3048 High IOPS chassis', MPA created a unique HD/2K/4K workflow solution connecting nearly a hundred workstations using ATTO Technology Celerity FC-82EN Fibre Channel HBA's and ThunderLink FC2082 Desklink devices.



Remote Replication – Infortrend solution for disaster recovery over a distance

Remote replication is an essential part of data protection, providing protection in case of primary site failure. Infortrend remote replication provides a continuous, non-disruptive, host-independent solution for disaster recovery, data backup or migration over a long distance. Users concerned about budget, performance impact and data availability can flexibly choose to deploy synchronous or asynchronous replication.

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